Monday, March 22, 2010

End of an Era *sigh*

Saturday, March 20, 2010. A rather emotional day. Our last day of business in Yardley, Pa.

After 18 years of retail in Yardley, we closed the door at the 1 South Main location, and it wasn't without a tear or two.

I made my famous homemade brownies for all my visitors and set off for my last day of business at the flagship location, not looking forward to the emotions of the day. While I am certainly looking forward to more space, I have tender feelings and sentimental memories of my Yardley location. I'll miss my windows!

The day was filled with visits from many of our best and most loyal customers dropping by to wish us well and see the Yardley store "just one more time". Just one of many fine friends, Barbara (a visitor nearly every day...and I'm not kidding!) Actually, we think Barbara could start her own Black-eyed Susan should we need a satellite store!

Towards the end of the day, it was looking pretty bleak I must admit. I mean, after all, have you ever seen my star mantle look like this before?!

Here's a rather motley crew of assorted mirrors and lonely clocks, all without purpose or design. Sad, sad, sad, Very sad, sad. (That's a little "Jan talk"). But that's how I felt too.

Joanne and I shed a little tear together as we looked around at the bleak state of the store in the final hour and played a little "remember when"...she left and I was left to lock the back door. I felt a bit like I look in this self-portrait! (I think a bit of lipstick would have been in order, what was I thinking?!)

Driving out of the parking lot, this sign on my former retail/turned studio brought another tear to my eye...goodbye, Yardley. Thanks to all my darling, loyal clients who loved the Yardley store as much as I.

And now I have to concentrate on "The Best is Yet to Come"! See you soon in Buckingham.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Come See the Magic!

In the next few weeks, you'll be seeing lots of transformations!

One major transformation in progress is my new retail under "construction" so to say. 1. Inventory is arriving daily. 2. Painting is being completed to put my brand on this former location occupied by another design group. 3. Fixtures are being delivered. 4. Stockroom is being prepared for new arrivals. 5. Computers are being installed. 6. Phone lines are being wired.

In general, it's beginning to take on a new personality and excitement is building...along with an overload of immediate needs and urgent deadlines. Whew.

My paint pallet has been established and involves some signature guessed it, black dramatic punches and orange.
Tonight, two of my darling personal friends, Heather and Shannon, worked side by side with me to make one of the major changes for the better!

I can't believe that I neglected to photograph this monstrosity (exisiting cash desk) prior to a partial demolition several nights ago by Sneelock. On the right hand corner of this u-shaped counter was a "hood", a tent-like corner piece that was nothing more than an eyesore. We set to work priming and quickly started the transformation with my favorite SW Tricorn Black satin paint.

Within a few short hours, this is what we had turned out! Even the countertop ,( which was a horrid white formica with chips and stains), was reinventede to this! The extra wide blue tape still on the floor...hey, I wonder if I could use my paint magic wand on that icky carpet?

The three of us stood back and patted ourselves on the backs for such a major change of style! I have a fabulous (and covetous) concrete countertop coming in a few weeks, but for now this will be our cash desk...a much needed change!

It was the first time I had given friends a first hand tour of the new place, and we had a great time invisioning the possibilities to come. It was exciting to me and took the edge off the overwheming work ahead for just a minute!

I'll keep you posted on the progress to an extent, but you'll have to plan a trip to see the real magic for yourself!

Thanks, sweet friends. A painting friend is truly a good friend. Shannon and Heather, good friends. I'm really in your debt. The company was great and sense of accomplishment dear.

Tomorrow night...transformation of our room at the Princeton Designer House report! The painting will begin tomorrow, so watch for before and "in progress" photos.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sentimental Susan

Just one year ago, my sweetest Fred (Sneelock), and my son Ryan , disassembled my prized work table from my design studio. It was a very emotional night for me. If you'd like to review my post of that night, click here.

Those same feelings came flooding back to me last week when I saw my new design studio poised with the 12' long, 50" wide table standing in the center of the room. The tears came back as I recalled the gift of love as demonstrated by Fred and Ryan last March 22. I feel loved and cherished by these men in my life, and I know that I am a lucky woman.

Here's to a few more years with my loved table in my new design studio. There are hours of work to do to get the rest of it set up, but I feel like the anchor of my work space has come home. Thanks, Sneelock.

I'll let you know in a few years when I'm ready to retire how my design table fares. As of right now, both Ryan and Sneelock claim it's coming out in pieces for the last time. *sigh* For now, I'll use it with joy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing BES Signature Color!

Okay, I'll admit, I'm stuck on orange! In predictable form, our orange bag from the last three years is total style now! Oh, yes, it's all about orange!

Take a look at some random images I found in my picture files that feature orange:

Very chic orange leather sofas being used in one of my current interior projects! (And, the homeowner, Patricia, is just as stylish!

Favorite vintage towel vendor/designer "Ga Ga"---yes, her newest addition; ORANGE! Orange monograms, orange silk bows,orange trims...oh, my! I couldn't resist.

Orange cashmere throw, recently purchased for my Princeton Jr. League Designer Showhouse bedroom! The feel of cashmere and the color of orange, a real winning combination.
Yes, a toilette! But not just any toilette. This shot was taken as we were leaving the Paris airport! I have been meaning to post about this most stylish bathroom stall, but actually glad that I never had the chance. It's the perfect i.e. of the hip use of orange in an unexpected place.

Looking down the hall of the ladies' room in the Paris airport bathroom! Those mosaic glass tiles were to die for. Impeccably clean. Impeccable color. Impeccable style. Glass tiles in gray, white and orange. Orange, sweet orange.

Most recently, my cute retail neighbor, owner of Kristyn April Designs in Yardley, brought me this gift! A teeny tiny bottle of custom mixed nail polish! Guess what the name of this color is? "Black-eyed Susan". It's my signature color! Kristyn mixed it to match my bags as a gift/send-off-good luck-farewell. So cute. So tiny. So stylish. (Sorry for the blurr....and I had it on macro...)

This is how tiny my private label polish bottle is. I love it! "Have you selected your color, Susan?" "Yes! I've chosen "Black-eyed Susan".

I tried several times to get this in focus,but to no avail. But the label reads, "Black-eyed Susan"!

Anticipating the warm and sunny weather of Naples, Florida (more about this project later!), I headed off to the salon for a pedicure. Here it is, my very own signature nail polish-"Black-eyed Susan". It's just got to be orange.

Thanks, Kristyn! Custom, darling and definitely orange.