Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bedroom Makeover Reveal!


Although we completed the bedroom makeover (remember the contest many months ago?!) in early December, it has taken me this long to finally compose the post to include you all in the final outcome.

Thanks greatly, to Suzanne, for many of the photos.

The scope of our project seemed to grow and grow! Our initial consultation was to work within the basic framework of the existing furniture, change paint and bedding and possibly window treatments. Of course, accessories would complete the update!

By the second appointment, Suzanne had decided she liked the idea of a new headboard, something more current and soft than the Arts and Crafts style bed that was a part of an entire set. We intended to work around the rest of the pieces!

(Before shot of former bedroom furniture)!

Suzanne also decided that the master bathroom needed to be included in the face lift! (And, it did.) Using the same color pallette, we began to put together a complimentary vision for the bathroom.

Check out this "vanilla" master bathroom!

No surprise, that as we went a little further, we added painted furniture pieces from vintage collectibles for both bedside tables, a beautiful chest and a desk, an engaging chair, and the list goes on and on!

Vintage chair and desk. *Note the monogrammed "S" on Suzanne's desk chair! This was one of her absolute "must-haves" on the punch list!

Vintage dresser hand painted, hardware and all. Lamp and accessories from Black-eyed Susan. It's a little difficult to make out the framed photo, but it is a stack of books in the exact colors of the room from The Paris Flea Market! Susan found the mirror. Suzanne added the artist's touch to the paint for the mirror! Too perfect!

The photo below shows off the stylish chest we found for one of the bedside tables. I happen to love the height of a chest of drawers for bedside use. Lamps sit well and make for easy reading.

Also note the framed botanicals, compliments of handy Sneelock's work. I purchased the original botanicals and Fred (Sneelock) photographed them. He tinted them a slight and fabulous aqua just for this application! They are quite stunning and original in this color.

This perfect chair was on clearance from Black-eyed Susan. The last piece, left from an entire collection in these colors...finally, a home for one of my favorites! And, I must say, the perfect home.

The color was a dramatic change, from deep rusty Tuscan colors to one of my favorites, SW Halcyon, a soft gray/blue that is perfect for any room and sets the stage for cocooning. (Of course, the ceiling was included!) Inspired by a project I completed in Sullivans Island, S.C., Suzanne was totally immersed in the color pallet of aqua and soft lime green. After some searching, we found a fabric that tied everything together, and finding that this particular fabric would break the bank, so to say, we decided on this accent pillow with some fabulous trim to be the impact pattern for the bed.

Monogrammed boudoir pillow---found at Restoration Hardware! Custom monograms can be ordered from them on several of their pillow selections.

Suzanne had a stylish and dressy off white tone on tone patterned rug that was the perfect grounding for the new look.

Suzanne spent countless hours on Ebay searching for chandeliers! Her efforts were rewarded and you can see several places where they are used. Each one required extensive work, rewiring, painting, cleaning...well, you get the picture! The results--priceless.

Black-eyed Susan furnished the painting labor (thanks to Sneelock and my son, Ryan!), all of the design labor and fees, as well as the installation to completion. Suzanne and Joerg furnished the budget! Hmm, a pretty good combination! The budget grew and grew...the labor grew and grew, the design ideas grew and grew...I guess you could say that the ideas were plentiful and the budget didn't disappoint! That being said, we did the whole project from start to finish on a relatively moderate budget. Suzanne did some of the shopping, Black-eyed Susan resourced the vintage items and the fabrics, bedding, and custom pillows. Yes, indeed, a great team! Did I mention that my sister, Denise, who was in town for my retail Holiday setup, was a great help for the installation. She also provided the entertainment and energy for the night!

I had the vision of using plates above the bed from the beginning. Often this shape of a headboard determines the art or mirrors used in a room. Arched headboards provide an unusual challenge. Suzanne and I collected these plates, which were the absolute perfect color for our wall! I arranged the plates on the floor within a "tape template" of our usable space. Denise took it from there, made the measurements and working off of a digital photo with notes, set out to hang the plates while Sneelock hung draperies while Jackie and I dug into the rest of the details of the room.

Perfect! What can I say?

Layers of pillows in just the right colors.

View of the silk dupioni draperies with the "fabric to break the bank" used sparingly for a contrast hem!

And, check out the armoire between the windows. That was the last piece of the original bedroom set to succumb to the paint brush! A good primer is always required to insure bonding. Suzanne and Joerg had had their share of painting by now, but it was the perfect finishing touch and it could not be denied.

Beautiful view of the chest of drawers reflecting the tinted botanicals, plates hung in harmony with the mirror shape, and that fabulous chandelier find! You do good work, Suzanne!

Closeup of details on one of the bedside tables.

This is the top of the painted armoire. Suzanne found the hand blown vase! I provided the small potted orchid and ceramic dove. The photo frame came from Black-eyed Susan and Suzanne and Joerg put a sentimental favorite historic building from Austria in the frame. Suzanne, comment on the significance of that building! I'm afraid I wouldn't get it right.

Here are a few shots of the bathroom completed. The reverse pallette (green on the walls, blue as the accent) was used to compliment the bedroom. Suzanne selected this Robert Allen fabric with a leaf motif in just the right colors! This fabric brought the chocolate in as a third color. Towels repeated the accent.

I selected this pair of brushed nickel beaded oval mirrors, along with these rather hip light fixtures! I has a love of lids (!), a rather strange fetish...and we hung one right between the two mirrors!

Just another shot of the mirrors from another perspective. Paper whites in acrylic water add some drama to the vanity.

I just had to show this fabulous bead trim on the bathroom valance. Sometimes, it's worth going over budget to get the perfect finishing touch!

This wonderful towel rack had been collecting dust in the basement of Black-eyed Susan for quite some time! I decided that if the engineer, Joerg, could assemble it, it should be used in the master bath. And, I might say, he took no time at all to put the puzzle together! And, there you have it! Pretty cool.

I brought these vintage buttons back from Paris. Oh, my heart sings! The color of the buttons and the color of the border on the card. It was meant to be! I hung them with a single decorative tack within a vintage frame.



A special thanks for Jackie Macli, Susan's project manager for countless hours of time and support; Ryan Taylor and Fred Taylor for painting, crown molding and installation; Suzanne for trusting me and following my promptings, hours of painting furniture and chandeliers, and many nervous indecisions conquered; Denise for installation support and attention to detail; and Joerg for blindly pushing forward with any assignment!

I'm happy with the result, completely. A job well done by all.

Now, relax in your beautiful new room!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Collector's Club

The joy of collecting, no matter what you like to collect, is compounded when shared with another...yes, collector! Today I started out my morning in the charming historic farmhouse of Julie Borge, kindred spirit collector and creator. Julie is a regular at Black-eyed Susan as well as a supporter of events and eccentric dreams. It's that kind of creative genes that draw us together as kindred spirits!
What a joy it was to tour her wondrous home and be inspired by another's vision. Like Julie, I take pleasure in sharing ideas as well as finding joy in another's ideas. Our creative vision is expanded when this kind of abundance mentality is embraced.

So, what does Julie collect? Oh, my! Her collections are too numerous to name, but some of the ones that spoke to my heart were; nests (the real McCoy!), buttons (of course!), art-including original, heirloom, and children's. At every turn, something to please the eye and delight!

This collection of real nests greeted me, as a dining room table centerpiece! I love nests.

The dining room mantle was a delight with nest after nest filled with the most unexpected decorative eggs! Watch below for a closeup of a button covered egg, fashioned by Julie.
Just another closeup...
Closeup of button egg!
In another area of the house, an antique frame within a frame. You know I love that!

When I exclaimed with delight over the mudroom, Julie explained to me that these baskets house "off season" items, such as hats, gloves, water shoes...and the children's snacks!!!
Downstairs, I found these vintage tiles pieced into a wondrous design around a cozy fireplace. Great color and great pattern!
What a fun way to start out my day! I seldom take time for frivolous pleasures. A pleasure that inspires me and expands my imagination is a true joy. Thanks, Julie!
Watch for Julie to be a guest speaker at an upcoming event. She'll inspire you too!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's over! Day 7

I have spoken of the total surprise we feel when first arriving at the January market-that of being excited to plan and design yet another holiday season for Black-eyed Susan, a full 11 months away! Keep in mind that I only put away the last ornament of 2009 the night prior to boarding the plane!

Well, the feeling at the end of market, after 6 full days and well into each night-is that of complete exhaustion and disinterest. Don't show me one more "way cute" thing, because I just don't want to look at it. Don't show me one more "show special" because I just don't need it. Don't show me one more "new trend" because I'm over it. The market is like a ghost town, no food, no treats, no drinks, no buyers, no shuttles. It's over.

Where did one full week go? A pile of purchase orders and a cart full of samples for next year's trees later, and we're out of there.

This was my documentation for the day:

Yet one more fabulous example of monogramming! I love the way this script monogram is positioned off center and unexpected. While there are many examples of trite and overdone monograms, this one speaks to me. (The "R" monogram inspired my photograph).

Many of my family and friends will love this, as I do! Not sure what the inspiration was for the artist, but in our book, it stands for "choose the right". I'm really loving this one, and I'm pretty sure Emily, Denise, Charlotte, Michelle, and Jessie will agree....oh, and Jill, Shannon, Marie...the list goes on and on. Yep, I love it.

At the very end of the day, while shopping for promotional lamps, we came across what I think may be one of the few examples of what glitter doesn't enhance... check out this lampshade. The lamp is pretty awful too.

A closeup of the glitter shade...who really thinks up this sort of design?! Next question, how many should I order?

That's it for another 6 months. For now, I'm spending the night in Charlotte, with my daughter Jessie, and counting on being entertained by my two adorable granddaughters, Fiona (16months) and Bella (4.5 years). It's the real payoff!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On the job, day 5 and 6

Each day at market, we feel the pressure a little more to complete our buying search.

Some vendors take hours to work with.

Some days, there are long lines to get lunch.

Some days, there is not lunch.

Some days, we find superior treasures.

Some days, none.

Some days, we catch the shuttle on the first run.

Some days, we wait...and wait...and wait...

Some days, the elevator is jam-packed.

Some days, we take the escalator.

Some days, we wear stylish shoes.

Some days, our feet hurt.

Some days, we trade shoes.

Today, we filled in the last of the Halloween purchases. One of our favorite vendors is a vintage reproduction designer. She has loads of glass glitter houses, figures, banners, and trees. I admit, I had to order the crows in party hats again for the second year. Take a look at one of her displays, complete with small "potion bottles" filled with orange and black glass glitter! The display was further complete with the addition of a vintage ledger beneath it.

We found this very pink (!) glass glitter house to complete the pink accent story that we selected at the end of the Holiday buying. I mean, a girl just can't resist a little pink holiday merchandise!

I couldn't resist documenting this totally American style crepe! Although the booth was filled with authentic Parisian music and cute cooks in chef's hats (a little like French cartoon depiction), this crepe was filled with chicken, spinach, cheese, and a little raspberry dressing! I could just see my daughter, Michelle, rolling her eyes at this one! Really, it wasn't bad, although a little on the crisp side. Lunch at market is seldom memorable.

I realize that I did not give you the day 5 report! Mid day on day 5, I started to feel like a major allergy attack had just hit. By 6:00pm, I was to discover that a full blown, major cold was coming on. By 8:30pm, I was out like a light with two NyQuil. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Progress! Day 4

We went full steam ahead today, day 4! After planning our trees for Holiday 2010, we have decided on 4 full size theme trees (you'll need to wait for the colors!). Along with the 4 main themes, we also will present several small "fixture" trees, as we like to call them. Way cute, I might add.
By next holiday setup, we will be in our new location! This will be disclosed soon as well, so keep reading. We will have four times the space, and then some. It is exciting, and has made this buying trip especially busy. We spend a full week planning the Christmas inventory and events, and this trip we have been busy with planning new inventory for the move as well. Yes, it's been a busy week thus far.
While in one of the showrooms, Linda found a vintage reproduction glittery crown, and just couldn't resist the impulse to be "queen for a day"! In the background,the vintage reproduction ivory feather tree! Pretty cute, both Linda and the tree!
One of the trees we have planned was inspired by one of my cute friends, Marie! She had us help her this year with her foyer tree. The tree is a vintage reproduction and quite glamorous. An ivory, slightly glittered feather tree....oh,the primping it takes! Oh well, by then I'll be all ready for the tree primping task again!

Another favorite today...a tray of pine cones, limes, greens and a fabulous green glass ornament. What is it about the color green, anyway?! Love it.

Tomorrow, we are really going to have to move fast, very fast. FAST!

I'm planning what shoes to wear right away.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Atlanta Market Day 3!

Okay, I missed a day! I've been having major computer woes staying connected to the Internet from our hotel room, so the labor involved to post has been too much late at night.

We started out the day pretty perky. At the end of the day...oh, dear. Bad feet, bad, bad, bad. We could barely make it across the hotel lobby for our dinner reservations. Tomorrow, a different choice in shoes!

We feel a bit behind, as we have hardly placed any orders. The first few days are always filled with resourcing new vendors and making plans for the 2010 Christmas stories. We got a little sidetracked, as we really need everyday inventory, not to mention Valentine inventory! I'll give you just a little taste of a few of the new things we found.

Way cute new pillows...buttons, keys, and document transferes. Oh, yea. Way cute!

Chartreuse ceramics. Can't get much cuter than that.

Outside one of our favorite vendors, we took this photo just to give you the scale of this rather large wreath! I'll get Joanne right on it. (For those of you who don't know, Joanne is my staff florist!)

Well, luckily, tomorrow is another day. We are really going to have to book it tomorrow to catch up. Only 3.5 more working days. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 1, Atlanta winter market 2010

The first day of work at market each season is always a grueling one! 3 buildings, 20+ floors each. That about says it! We try to pare down what we take, but a small rolling office is really what it takes to do a week's worth of buying for the immediate needs and 2010 Christmas needs.

Roaming between 4 floors and keeping in our heads the various offerings is quite the task. In our first day, we have come up with several keen options for the color stories for this year, seen some really cool things, and more than you can imagine of ridiculous things! I guess you could say that our work has just begun!

Things you will see appearing at Black-eyed Susan:

Beautiful, fabulous cutting and sprays of magnolia branches. Absolutely real looking and so elegant. Luscious and sophisticated.

Icy, snowy birch branches!

Rustic chic framed bird. Burlap matt! Too darling!

Things you will not see at Black-eyed Susan.

Resin mushrooms in cartoon colors as floral accents.

Distressed cartoon flower picks.

Tomorrow is another day! I'll bring more favorite picks, as well as a few "discards"!

Now, for some feet soaking and a good dose of advil. Goodnight!