Sunday, January 10, 2010

Progress! Day 4

We went full steam ahead today, day 4! After planning our trees for Holiday 2010, we have decided on 4 full size theme trees (you'll need to wait for the colors!). Along with the 4 main themes, we also will present several small "fixture" trees, as we like to call them. Way cute, I might add.
By next holiday setup, we will be in our new location! This will be disclosed soon as well, so keep reading. We will have four times the space, and then some. It is exciting, and has made this buying trip especially busy. We spend a full week planning the Christmas inventory and events, and this trip we have been busy with planning new inventory for the move as well. Yes, it's been a busy week thus far.
While in one of the showrooms, Linda found a vintage reproduction glittery crown, and just couldn't resist the impulse to be "queen for a day"! In the background,the vintage reproduction ivory feather tree! Pretty cute, both Linda and the tree!
One of the trees we have planned was inspired by one of my cute friends, Marie! She had us help her this year with her foyer tree. The tree is a vintage reproduction and quite glamorous. An ivory, slightly glittered feather tree....oh,the primping it takes! Oh well, by then I'll be all ready for the tree primping task again!

Another favorite today...a tray of pine cones, limes, greens and a fabulous green glass ornament. What is it about the color green, anyway?! Love it.

Tomorrow, we are really going to have to move fast, very fast. FAST!

I'm planning what shoes to wear right away.


michelle said...

I love that vintage crown! And green. And anything that glitters. I hope you're planning on wearing your flats tomorrow...

Michelle said...

Do you even own flats? I've lurked on your blog many times and have yet to see flats! The greens are fabulous - green always makes me feel matter the season.

Denise said...

Primping trees--is anyone ever truly "ready?"

Marie said...

I can not wait to see what you do with the white feather tree. The tree you and Denise did for me was fabulous!