Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 1, Atlanta winter market 2010

The first day of work at market each season is always a grueling one! 3 buildings, 20+ floors each. That about says it! We try to pare down what we take, but a small rolling office is really what it takes to do a week's worth of buying for the immediate needs and 2010 Christmas needs.

Roaming between 4 floors and keeping in our heads the various offerings is quite the task. In our first day, we have come up with several keen options for the color stories for this year, seen some really cool things, and more than you can imagine of ridiculous things! I guess you could say that our work has just begun!

Things you will see appearing at Black-eyed Susan:

Beautiful, fabulous cutting and sprays of magnolia branches. Absolutely real looking and so elegant. Luscious and sophisticated.

Icy, snowy birch branches!

Rustic chic framed bird. Burlap matt! Too darling!

Things you will not see at Black-eyed Susan.

Resin mushrooms in cartoon colors as floral accents.

Distressed cartoon flower picks.

Tomorrow is another day! I'll bring more favorite picks, as well as a few "discards"!

Now, for some feet soaking and a good dose of advil. Goodnight!


Suzanne said...

Yes!! I can definitely see those first three pictures as things being in your store. (By the way, I missed out on all of the clearance items by just a couple of hours Tuesday.) :-(

How do your feet feel tonight?

michelle said...

OH! NOT those mushrooms!!

I could hardly even see the magnolias for admiring that beautiful moss....

emily said...

Phew, when I first skimmed this post a couple days ago I failed to notice that the mushrooms and cartoon flowers were on your "never-to-enter-Black-Eye-Susan" list. I'm glad to have that cleared up. Love everything else!

Denise said...

I think those resin mushrooms would fit right in at the Physics Department!