Saturday, January 9, 2010

Atlanta Market Day 3!

Okay, I missed a day! I've been having major computer woes staying connected to the Internet from our hotel room, so the labor involved to post has been too much late at night.

We started out the day pretty perky. At the end of the day...oh, dear. Bad feet, bad, bad, bad. We could barely make it across the hotel lobby for our dinner reservations. Tomorrow, a different choice in shoes!

We feel a bit behind, as we have hardly placed any orders. The first few days are always filled with resourcing new vendors and making plans for the 2010 Christmas stories. We got a little sidetracked, as we really need everyday inventory, not to mention Valentine inventory! I'll give you just a little taste of a few of the new things we found.

Way cute new pillows...buttons, keys, and document transferes. Oh, yea. Way cute!

Chartreuse ceramics. Can't get much cuter than that.

Outside one of our favorite vendors, we took this photo just to give you the scale of this rather large wreath! I'll get Joanne right on it. (For those of you who don't know, Joanne is my staff florist!)

Well, luckily, tomorrow is another day. We are really going to have to book it tomorrow to catch up. Only 3.5 more working days. Stay tuned.


michelle said...

Whoa. That is a seriously big wreath.

Those pillows are to die for!

Jill said...

You two look so beautiful!

I love the pillows!

emily said...

Love love love the pillows. And I second Jill in saying that you both look beautiful!

jt said...

Love those pillows! Great inspiration...

Michelle said...

Those pillows are spectacular! I want to see the home that can house that wreath!

Denise said...

Was the wreath pretty, or pretty scary? Perhaps in the right setting, like on the side of the Empire State Building.