Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's over! Day 7

I have spoken of the total surprise we feel when first arriving at the January market-that of being excited to plan and design yet another holiday season for Black-eyed Susan, a full 11 months away! Keep in mind that I only put away the last ornament of 2009 the night prior to boarding the plane!

Well, the feeling at the end of market, after 6 full days and well into each night-is that of complete exhaustion and disinterest. Don't show me one more "way cute" thing, because I just don't want to look at it. Don't show me one more "show special" because I just don't need it. Don't show me one more "new trend" because I'm over it. The market is like a ghost town, no food, no treats, no drinks, no buyers, no shuttles. It's over.

Where did one full week go? A pile of purchase orders and a cart full of samples for next year's trees later, and we're out of there.

This was my documentation for the day:

Yet one more fabulous example of monogramming! I love the way this script monogram is positioned off center and unexpected. While there are many examples of trite and overdone monograms, this one speaks to me. (The "R" monogram inspired my photograph).

Many of my family and friends will love this, as I do! Not sure what the inspiration was for the artist, but in our book, it stands for "choose the right". I'm really loving this one, and I'm pretty sure Emily, Denise, Charlotte, Michelle, and Jessie will agree....oh, and Jill, Shannon, Marie...the list goes on and on. Yep, I love it.

At the very end of the day, while shopping for promotional lamps, we came across what I think may be one of the few examples of what glitter doesn't enhance... check out this lampshade. The lamp is pretty awful too.

A closeup of the glitter shade...who really thinks up this sort of design?! Next question, how many should I order?

That's it for another 6 months. For now, I'm spending the night in Charlotte, with my daughter Jessie, and counting on being entertained by my two adorable granddaughters, Fiona (16months) and Bella (4.5 years). It's the real payoff!


michelle said...

I loved your description of the way you feel at the end of Market. I totally get it.

I just don't tire of monograms, and those ones are especially lovely.

I have to admit to not minding the glitter shade at all! Sorry. I wonder if I would still like it if I saw it in person?

Suzanne said...

Well, golly gee! I hope you picked up that "R" for me. ;-)

Jill said...

That's too funny about the CTR pillow!

linda said...

We have been going to market together for over 15 years. I always enjoy going. The aching feet, bad food and lack of hot water all become a distant memory. Our friendship continues to grow and for this I am grateful.

Denise said...

I hope to one day join you for the exhausting week of aching feet, though I would probably have to walk a few paces behind you and Linda as I would not be quite as stylish, and would not want to mar the BESusan reputation :).

LOVE the monograms--especially the CTR!