Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing BES Signature Color!

Okay, I'll admit, I'm stuck on orange! In predictable form, our orange bag from the last three years is total style now! Oh, yes, it's all about orange!

Take a look at some random images I found in my picture files that feature orange:

Very chic orange leather sofas being used in one of my current interior projects! (And, the homeowner, Patricia, is just as stylish!

Favorite vintage towel vendor/designer "Ga Ga"---yes, her newest addition; ORANGE! Orange monograms, orange silk bows,orange trims...oh, my! I couldn't resist.

Orange cashmere throw, recently purchased for my Princeton Jr. League Designer Showhouse bedroom! The feel of cashmere and the color of orange, a real winning combination.
Yes, a toilette! But not just any toilette. This shot was taken as we were leaving the Paris airport! I have been meaning to post about this most stylish bathroom stall, but actually glad that I never had the chance. It's the perfect i.e. of the hip use of orange in an unexpected place.

Looking down the hall of the ladies' room in the Paris airport bathroom! Those mosaic glass tiles were to die for. Impeccably clean. Impeccable color. Impeccable style. Glass tiles in gray, white and orange. Orange, sweet orange.

Most recently, my cute retail neighbor, owner of Kristyn April Designs in Yardley, brought me this gift! A teeny tiny bottle of custom mixed nail polish! Guess what the name of this color is? "Black-eyed Susan". It's my signature color! Kristyn mixed it to match my bags as a gift/send-off-good luck-farewell. So cute. So tiny. So stylish. (Sorry for the blurr....and I had it on macro...)

This is how tiny my private label polish bottle is. I love it! "Have you selected your color, Susan?" "Yes! I've chosen "Black-eyed Susan".

I tried several times to get this in focus,but to no avail. But the label reads, "Black-eyed Susan"!

Anticipating the warm and sunny weather of Naples, Florida (more about this project later!), I headed off to the salon for a pedicure. Here it is, my very own signature nail polish-"Black-eyed Susan". It's just got to be orange.

Thanks, Kristyn! Custom, darling and definitely orange.


michelle said...

I never saw those cute bathrooms!

And I love that you have your own signature nail polish, what a great gift.

Suzanne said...

Designer custom nail polish!? Incredible. You lucky lady, you.

I have a pretty good collection of those BES bags. Probably every size. ;-)

Count me in as an orange fan. I've got it in a few rooms here.

Jill said...

I love orange!

emily said...

I love it all! Especially the orange and grey. Custom nail polish is a wonderful gift! I think that everyone should have a signature color.

Denise said...

How fitting that you would have your own customized bottle of nail polish. But I must say, those are the most hideous flip flops I've ever seen! Please don't tell me they're the latest trend because then I'll be obliged to get a pair.

Who knew an airport bathroom could be anything but vaguely creepy?

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shimmer and spice said...

Thank you for blogging about my nail polish Susan! How exciting to find while reading your blog!!!

Cant wait to come see your new place!

Any for all who would like any custom nail polish or other cosmetics...


shimmer and spice said...
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shimmer and spice said...
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shimmer and spice said...
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