Monday, July 15, 2013

Atlanta day six, SIX?!

Day six...really?! There is always a bit of panic that sets in when we get to the end of the market and review our list to check our progress. S many items are checked off, but soooo many left to see.

We spent the first three hours at one main showroom and that put us a bit behind for the rest of the day. The show is beginning to thin out and only the diehards remain. We have a lot to organize tonight to make sure the next few days are really put to good use, but before we get started, I'll give you the market report for today.

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Cutest ever bar stools!

These are the chartreuse-y flowers we found to make some splashy door baskets for your front doors! And just look how cute they look with Linda's coral print peplum top!!

I bought some of these cool throws for the store at one of our last stops...

...more colorful print throws!

Once pillows...and,

Orange pillows! Oh. My.

We have rearranged our lists, done some editing and adding and should be off to an early start tomorrow.

Till tomorrow...dream happy about the new things coming in for your shopping pleasure!

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