Monday, February 28, 2011

"Springing Things Up!"

In the last week or so, the look around Black-eyed Susan has changed! One of my cutest regulars (Joan) came in this weekend and told me that she had been "springing things up" at her house with her purchases from the weekend before! She proceeded to give me a verbal description of all that she did with these favorites. It was really fun to hear of her creative accessorizing and in our conversation, she told me that she often said out loud to herself , "what would Susan do?" Well, Joan, I think you did just fine!

And today she left with several other favorites to add to her story. Check out my last twitter post to see the large spring hare she delighted in! (I had my eye on it myself.)

Take a look at some of my favorite recent purchases to "spring up" your own place.

You just can't tell these from the real thing! Fabulous.

This fresh green hydrangea wreath is even more delightfully bright in person!

These perky little snow drops speak the language of spring...then tuck a few of these pale aqua ceramic eggs into the soil--wow!

I can never tire of the sophistication and loveliness of these life-like phaleanopsis. They even move like the real thing!

The lively color of succulents-to die for. Succulents are so stylish now!

I had to take a few of these home with me to "spring up" my own place. They move like a soft breeze is in the orchard. Ahhhhhhh

All variety of new mossy orbs! Shannon helped me work the "late shift" last week to "spring things up"as Joan says! It was fun to have a creative partner in the late night hours. She took note that my new spheres are my "spring pine cones" as she put it! True enough. The bounty of mossy orbs in a variety of shapes and sizes, do indeed serve the same purpose as my favorite 16" pine cones used throughout the store during the winter months! Good observation Shannon!

New boxwood cool.

Shannon and I reworked the windows with a breath of fresh air. They are a colorful, happy version of a French flower market! *note the spheres*

Chartreuse green dogwoods, what could be happier?...and, mossy orbs tucked into the mantle design.

Fresh apple branches---48" apple branches! Real beauties.

Breezy little maidenhair ferns and leaf cuttings...

Note the root ball on this long, airy fern! Plop it in a clear glass vase and it's perfect!

I just couldn't resist this cropped shot of a favorite new lamp that just arrived. And guess what color the French script on the shade is...Warm Stone! I need a couple of those!

If you want a breath of fresh air, and a smile to go home with, just drop in and take in the view.
And did I mention that we are having our semi-annual floral sale? Couldn't be better! 35% off all stems, wreaths, ready-mades and custom arrangements.

Come see the magic. It's real!


shannon said...

Kindred spirits, indeed!--We were both posting about our favorite BES things at the same time, it looks like...I love your picks as well!

Lee said...

The store looks lovely. Oh if only it were that lovely outside! I love the WWSD (What would susan do?) I always said WWJD but I must admit when I'm decorating I have thought that as well. I say patent that saying. Too cute! Too funny. I also loved Shannon's post of the store as well. Lovely!

Kara said...

I'm loving my pink Dutchess roses I took home. They look like the real thing!

jt said...

Love the maidenhair ferns!