Tuesday, March 1, 2011

second thoughts...

We're well into the dining room Restyle project, and I have to say that my friend could be in the throws of regrets!

Making room for the next piece of the puzzle means clearing the garage from two rows of dining room chairs to make room for the dining room table. (Never mind the cars...)
It's a bit like musical chairs actually! The real inside scoop is that she is in the stage of being totally frustrated with the disruption of her living space. It happens.

With the personality and familiar favorites of the former dining room taken down in preparation for the painter who arrives within the next few days, the project now becomes utter chaos. Linda is wondering if this really is a good idea..."why, oh why did I do this?"

Red walls still remain, draperies are down, along with our once favorite vintage frames and plates...it's just a red room.

"Where in the world will I put all the old stuff? Really? Is change worth all this?!" (Anyone interested in some of the old accessories-check back a few posts-email me for prices.)

"May I ask how my once immaculate living room now serves as a storage unit?" *sigh* "Calgon, take me away."

Okay, hang in there Linda. The painter will be finished with the base coat on the walls and ceilings soon enough. I'll be there shortly to help paint the stripes...it'll be fun! Really. We'll reupholster the chair pads, Restyle the accessories, hang the drapes and install the new chandelier (my favorite, of course!). You're coming down the home stretch now, don't give up.

Perhaps you could clear a path through the garage, and you could invite guests in through kitchen door. Well, after all, the path to the front door is now an obstacle path.

Now, while Linda is trying to hold on to her sanity, I still have a few details to take care of:

:: new fabric selection for the dining room chairs
:: re purpose or find a home for former accessories
:: design new accessory plan and place said orders
:: talk Sneelock into driving to North Carolina AGAIN...
:: locate striping template in warehouse, oops garage
:: select art with a fresh, hip look
:: say a prayer about painting problems with the dining room table
:: continue daily pep talks with Linda
:: hold my breath and continue the magic

Wish us luck. We can't stop now...

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