Thursday, March 31, 2011

Progress Report!

After a long drive to Charlotte, N.C. with a van full of necessary supplies and accessories, we spent the day designing, marking, and taping the stripes. My favorite, 10" wide. We were undecided whether to select one shade lighter or one shade darker. I brought with me two of the fabulous 8x10 paint memos furnished by Sherwin Williams. That was our first task of the day! Then, we headed off to the paint store to pick up our contrasting color and a few supplies.

We spent the first half of the day marking off the stripes. Multiple times we exclaimed how we could not imagine doing this without Sneelock's striping template! He fashioned this for me two years ago when we designed the living room for the Bucks County Designer Show house. It was a godsend for sure! I highly recommend it. Linda exclaimed how she had not realized that this part of the project took the lion's share of time. Indeed! And, it's definitely a two person job. (It doesn't hurt to have a best friend and total entertainer as your right hand man!)

Living in the south doesn't have too many disadvantages. But one that I can think of is the rarity of basements! Often over the years, I have teased her about her "warehouse dining room". She also, has a design business and more often than not, her dining room is her "stockroom"! Oh, dear. I thought you might be interested to see that now, her once pristine living room has become the "stockroom" least for the time being, until we can find homes for what used to be harbored in the dining room. EEK!

I just realized that I don't have a photo of the room marked off prior to painting the contrast color...not sure why! I can tell you that blogger was being a real uncooperative assistant in downloading photos. It was taking me about 5 minutes per photo. I guess in my frustration, I left several out! This is a photo of the newly painted stripes prior to the green tape being removed. Tape is placed on the outside lines of the stripe to be painted, thus making the stripes appear to be random widths...really not!

We both got to work with small low nap rollers. The top and bottom need to be cut in with a brush, but the rest can carefully be done with the rollers. The painting portion went quite fast! The marking, not so much. A good team can make this happen in one good day's work.

An unusually cloudy North Carolina day necessitated the use of these work lamps. These same lamps proved to be the cause of Linda changing into this ever so stylish set of painting clothes!

A corner shot of our efforts after removing the frog tape . Frog tape is a new invention in painter's tape that fairly prevents bleeding for such projects! Good thinking! We had great success and were pleased with our results, which ended in few touch ups. (Note the striping template leaning in the window).

Tomorrow, we are going to complete the room with most of the art, accessories and finishing details. That's when the real satisfaction is felt. So far, we're loving our successful and very stylish Restyle!

This is our condensed mound of used tape! Nice sight now that's it's all been removed....


michelle said...

Stripes are not easy or fast! If we ever do stripes again, I will want one of Dad's templates for sure.

That green painter's tape is a happy sight.

Lee said...

That is alot of work Miss Susan. Wow! I would have given up at the first stripe half way up. No way could I ever do that. It's going to look lovely.
Call that a real labor of love huh? You gotta love stripes to do it. Hee Hee. Great work! You powerhouse you.

jt said...

I kind of like the picture of the taped stripes with the green outline! I can't wait to see the finished room- it looks great!

Denise said...

Love it! I haven't heard of the new "frog" tape, but it's a cute color for sure. The room looks great!

Suzanne said...

Very, very cool! INSPIRED to finish mine, indeed!

Claire said...

I love, love, love, the contrasting stripes!