Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little explanation...

I've got an update on my North Carolina Restyle, but no time to drop and drag my photos! I've had to leave my house before 8:00am every morning this week, and haven't gotten home from work until long after dinner...then an hour or so of email catch ups and a few blogs to read-holy moly!!

I'll try again tomorrow. I can tell you there are some cute new things in the store that I've been putting out and, FYI--if you want any of the new moss orbs, you'd better run on in! They're almost gone. Darn. I love those things.

It's sad to sell the things I love! I've heard that's the name of the game, but sometimes I'm just not ready.

Floral sale in progress; Vanguard Furniture sale month with more great pieces coming early next week!

Hopefully, a new report with photos tomorrow.


jt said...

Looking forward to the results... Perhaps I should just go to Linda's myself.

Suzanne said...

Save me an "orb" thingy, please!? LOL. I'll be in soon.