Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is it about glitter, anyway?

There isn't much in the retail world that can't speak to the heart-strings if it is covered in glass glitter!
Spiders and webs propped in an empty black vintage frame--see what I mean?

A black glass glitter bat! Unfortunately, already sold out. I hung this one in a frame within a frame

Who knew a bat could have such sweet appeal! , " I must have that bat!" Bats!

A trio of black glitter crows! Over the past few years in retail, and coming to know the world of vintage reproduction collect ables, I have come to love crows! Crows on perches, crows on books, crows in trees---all crows. Of course, I hate crows in real life! They are noisy, pesky, ugly and trashy. But give me a glass glitter crow and well, my heart sings!

This pair of glass glitter crows on stands is a silhouette of style! Crows with style, yes! (Note the "B O O " blocks in the background as well .

That proves it then, add a bit of black glass glitter to a crow, a spider or a bat and there you have it! Ah! the power of glass glitter.


michelle said...

What IS it about glass glitter?? I have discovered that I love anything at all that's covered in the stuff. As you pointed out, we would never want crows, bats, spiders, and the like hanging about it if they weren't covered in glitter, but when they're all sparkly, well...

(I never thought I'd see those labels on your blog! But then, I never thought you'd even have a blog. This is great.)

Jill said...

I love glass glitter and have really been turned onto all the home decor goodness there is because of you and Michelle. I have a few cute Halloween and Christmas decor items that are glitterific.

Denise said...

Glitterific! That's a genious word, Jill. And I'm so happy that you're blogging, Susan!! I'm with Michelle--who knew that you'd post something with the labels of "spider," "crow," and the like. And really, who knew that crows could really be cute? I love my glitterific crows!

charlotte said...

I think that glitter improves everything, hands down.