Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Farewell

Having been away for the Holidays in the Rocky Mountains, I returned to find a rather bleak and baron sight at Black-eyed Susan. The trees are bare, some gone altogether. The lovely glitter from frosty glass ornaments is fading away, no more extra large sugar pine cones, and instead of reunions of Santas grouped about, several lonely ones can be found set in odd places by shoppers who have decided not to take them home. The glamour that we have lived with for the past three months is diminished to a hidden treasure, here and there, found by myself as I walk through the store taking an emotional inventory of the Season.

That being said, it's been a good season. Thanks to our darling customers who come in time and time again for "one more icicle" or "another three yards of green satin ribbon", we've come to another year end with success.

On the way home from Salt Lake City, I found this quote in the December Sky magazine . I like it.

December IS........
.....a month of feasting, a month of tenderness toward
family, a month of generosity toward friends and colleagues.
December is a month of harmony in holiday songs listened
to and even sung, a month of peace and prayers for it, a
month lit with both candles and inspiration.

So while the fabulous style of the Season is gone, the warm thoughts and lingering memories of glad tidings and joy are still here for the taking. Happy New Year, dear friends.

......and there's a lot more style coming in the next few weeks. Come see the magic.


shannon said...

Love! love! love! the December true that is! Now that my Christmas is neatly tucked away, I'm ready for a fresh start. I come!
Happy 2009

michelle said...

Oh, goodbye to glitter... now that's a sad label.

December was lovely, let's hope that wonderful things await in the new year!

Denise said...

This post makes me feel so wistful! "Goodbye to glitter," indeed. I always feel a bit wistful after the season passes, but I'm trying to play the "I'm Looking Forward To" game and think of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Denise said...

P.S.: Who knew you could find inspiration in the Sky Mall magazine?

Lee said...

Hey susan,
The store will never loose it's glitter while you are still in charge. It is a place that beckons all to feel the warmth of home and to yearn for a nurturing place. It is a template for us to use in order to bring those things into our own sanctuaries. I love walking into BES. I always change even a little something when I return home with my orange shopping bags. Haha.
Although we may not see the glitter, we keep it inside ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I love your banner as well. It is so pretty and peaceful, two of my favorite things! If I walked through the store with all the glitter gone, it would make me sad, I love Christmas.

charlotte said...

I'm impressed you found such words in the Sky Mall! I'm trying not to absolutely dread January and the return to life. Thanks for this post--it's helping me gain some perspective. :)

Jill said...

I have to remind myself that if the beauty of Christmas lasted a long time then it wouldn't be as magical when December rolls around again. That helps take the edge off the disappearance of the glitter, but it's still sad.