Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yes! Progress Report on Makeover!

I'm so excited to report that we are now ready to set the date for painting our bedroom makeover! No surprise, one of my favorite colors: SW Quietude. A soft, lovely grayed blue that wraps you in soft, quiet thoughts. Suzanne, you're going to love this one! If time permitted, I'd be having my own bedroom on the painting schedule for the same color, it's a tried and true favorite.

This is what our work surface looked like as we began to narrow down the selections! As you can see, lots of choices and lots of inspiration. I love the green accent pillow and the cotton duvet with the modern twist! The colors are all coming together. This is a good example of the importance of not stressing over the "exact match" of every color. While we don't want to have colors that fight each other, there needs to be some blend and some part of the picture that is unexpected so as not to make it predictable and boring. Now this combo is anything but boring!

For some time, Suzanne has not been able to put my "Charleston pallet" out of her mind. This pallet was developed for our Sullivan's Island project long before it was trend...making it a much more challenging design at the time! I haven't tired of it, and prior to the Sullivan's Island project, my own basement was the first to use this delightful color scheme. It is a true breath of fresh air, happy and bright without wearing on the eyes.

So, here goes! We're off. Sneelock has been put on task for the painting. Suzanne and I will most likely dig in to the furniture painting and orders will begin to fly!

We selected an upholstered headboard with a soft arch to anchor the focal point. Suzanne's husband,Joerg (way cute German man!) was a great supportive and agreeable addition, adding his opinions to the mix. I think we have a winner and we're on our way! It should get exciting fast.

Here is one of the Robert Allen patterns that Suzanne selected. The colors don't show up exactly correct here, but the blend is great and the bonus---she loves leaves!!

I brought a fabric book with the general pallet of colors and she choose the patterns that spoke to her heart.

Here is one of the coordinates, also a Robert Allen fabric. The scale is larger and very Jacobean in nature. I recall her saying that she liked Jacobean florals very early in the project, so this is a great find!

This is a shot of the overall pattern on the larger scale print.

One of the surprises in our design turned out to be the development of a more casual, summery collection (the more modern floral pattern) and the more wintry, slightly more traditional look of the later floral. Both florals go with the aqua and green color story. The summery, lighter one will use a soft white coverlet and the more wintry Jacobean floral will use a grey/blue matlesee coverlet found at one of the off-price retailers. Using our budgets wisely, we have been able to come up with two seasonal looks on the same wave-length!

And, by the way, Suzanne and have established a budget of $5000.00 for furniture, paint , lamps, accessories, and art. We're on our way! I'll be posting our progress, so check back and let us know how you feel about the design as we go.


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

It will be fun to watch this project evolve, I hope you post a lot of photos! The top photo is quite the the fabric and color palette. How exciting to have this room get underway, Suzanne and Susan!

michelle said...

Yes, that top photo is eye candy! I love this color combo, and especially the paint color. I have loved having our bedroom the soft grey blue, so soothing.

Suzanne said...

Oh, Susan! I was so excited to open my Blogger dashboard and find this last night. (Visiting family just left, so now I can post a comment!) I love the way you have been able to tell this story in words and pics so far. You have said and explained things much better than I could – even with my sisters here to see some of the “stuff” in the room – I couldn’t paint the picture as well as you have for them. That’s why you’re the designer and the blogger – not me. ;-)

Full steam ahead! This is really exciting, and I’m loving these new-found fabrics! Have I mentioned how grateful I am? I can’t express enough how much I’m enjoying this experience and how you and Jackie know how to keep me focused.

Oh, by the way, Joerg read your post last night, and the only thing I heard out of his mouth was a very quiet (in his way-cute German accent), “I’m not German”. LOL! Okay, for the record and for him – he’s Austrian. ;-)

I am headed up to that antique store to make an offer on that desk. (Yes, I’m keeping the readers guessing. Am I allowed to do that on your blog?)


Lee said...

I absolutely love it Susan. Can't wait to see it. The fabric looks perfect. Lee

Suzanne said...

Hello to everybody following! Painting starts tomorrow. Whoopee! :-)

shannon said...

I can't get that Charleston pallet out of my mind, either! Glorious!

Suzanne said...

Ladies, we've got to round up some more followers here. :D I am taking a break from the prep for painting. It is getting late and I just got busted here on the computer by poor hubby - who has to be up in about 4 hours. Oops! Back to work. ("Glorious" is a good description, shannon.)

Susan said...

Whoa! I had a late night myself, thus negating any new post!

Well, today I'll get photos of the kick-off of the painting. Sneelock and Sneelock's son, Ryan (mine too!) will begin the painint today. Not sure if they will be able to complete today, but the new vision will be set and changes will begin!!

Stay tuned!

I'm pleased to see that Suzanne and Joerg has joined me in "the night shift"!! tee hee

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Suzanne just directed me here and boy am I glad she did!! This design is going to be great! I can't wait to see everything come together.

Thanks again Suzanne. I love finding new and INTERESTING blogs!