Thursday, October 15, 2009

130 Hours Into It.......

The official setup has begun, actually nearing the end, and I would be kidding everyone if I didn't admit it seems harder each year...I guess my years are showing! Linda seems to be coping well, and is a wonderful companion creator and entertainer!

We figured out last night that our combined man-hours total 130 in four days! Holy moly, that's a lot of Christmas!! Each night as we turn out the tree lights, vacuum the glitter and snow yet one more time, gather our giant soft pack lunch bag with enough sustenance for the day and night, put on our shoes that we have taken off the last few hours of the day, and prepare for the 2o minute ride home.We take a look around to see the progress, congratulate ourselves or laugh at something we should rethink for the next day, sigh at the chaotic stockroom and head for home. Another day behind us, another day ahead!

While it is exciting to see the goods that we planned and purchased last January, it is also quite daunting to create the stories, find homes for the important details that support the color stories, and continually clean up and shuffle inventory around. All in all, it's rewarding and creative.

So, here is a sneak peak at some of the vignettes we've created so far!

Check out these glitter clip-on birds we have on our flocked tree. So sweet! We also have some in soft aqua. The theme of the tree is shades of aqua, crystal, and silver. Loads of glitter highlights and a beautiful flocked full tree as the backdrop. It's magic.

These snowy birch branches with icy snow are absolutely wonderful. The giant sugar cones are in and starting to sell through quickly. I love the sugar pine cones for just about every area of the house-mantles, center hall tables, bookcases, windowsills, basket...and that's just naming a few. That's one of the giant sugar cones in the background, with a smaller iced snowy one in the foreground.

I realize some of my photos are a bit out of focus---a bit blurry. But then, that's the way I'm seeing the world this week as well! This tree is chocolate and olive/chartreuse. The assortment is divine with large and small ornaments to please the eye. There's my sugar cones again!

Another peak at the flocked blue/silver tree. So much glitter! So little time.

These great natural oak glass cabinets are perfect for displaying tabletop trees and collectible Santas. Just perfect!

Another vignette promotes vintage reproduction mercury glass. Can you see the hint of that fanciful wreath in graphite and silver?!

Our window display along side the flocked blue/silver tree. We hung assorted kugels and ornaments down into the window frame. This can be done in any window frame, but the deeper the window the more interesting! Color, size and placement are paramount. Until the first buyer demands one of our treasures,it's nearly a perfect window!

A personal favorite! The basketful of "snowballs" with glittering snow causes one to pause for an examination. You'll find them throughout the store. Cool!

I'm not sure which is more unique---the tall, skinny nature of these carolers and Santas, or the sophisticated color pallet-charcoal/taupe/cream. So calm. They're super tall and that really what Santa should look like? Yes or no, I like them!

You'll find this extra large footed bowl (almost a punch bowl!) cradling an assortment of chocolate and lime ornaments. Shatterproof ornaments in many colors and size-fabulous invention! I also have the best assortment of tiny 1" glass ornaments in dozens of colors this year. Those sugar cones keep showing up!

Two tired girls. One young, one old...

Well, tomorrow's another day.


Suzanne said...

Oh, how spectacular it all is!

I'd like to have that entire vignette w/ the skinny santas and carolers, wreath and mirror. :-D

Have a great weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done w/ the property for the house tour - unfortunately not in-person - so i hope you post lots of pics. ;-)

emily said...

Everything looks truly magical. I think that the glitter birds and the skinny santas might be my favorites. Oh, so beautiful.

Love you!

michelle said...

I can't decide which colors I love best -- the aqua, the lime, the taupe... and everything glittered always calls to me. You guys look great for the end of the day SP!

Lee said...

I must say I have been trying to stay away from the store before Thursday nights class only because I wanted to be surprised. Well I recently ordered (recently as of last night) two more glass hurricanes from williams and sonoma and thought how wonderful those little brown acorns from Susan's store would look in the hurricanes. I was worried that because Susan was transforming the store from Autumn to Christmas this week, the y would be gone. So, I went today. As I walked into the store my heart leapt. I felt a surge of emotion similar to every time I am in front of man dressed as a beautiful Santa at a store, for some odd reason ever since I can remember, I cry. Somehow I feel 8 again and I am suddenly consumed with the magic and Spirit of Christmas. That is how I felt today when I entered. I told Kim I had to take a few breaths and compose myself so I didn't loose it!
Every year I say, "Now how will Susan ever out do herself next year after this?" Well honestly, somehow, miraculously, she does. It is absolutely breathtaking. Kim and I walked around the store and we were like giddy little girls marveling at all the glittered magical objects. Just when I focused on one thing, Kim would say, "Oh wait, look at this!" I'm sorry, but that takes more than design skill or a degree in design. That takes heart and soul. I can't wait until Thursday.
Thanks Susan. (And all of her assistants that work so hard to make things so beautiful. God bless you all.)

Country french Judi said...

Ditto to Lee's comments!

Marie said...
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Marie said...

I love the Christmas season and I love Christmas decorations. I can not wait to see the store. Everything looks sooooooo beautiful.

Denise said...

How sweet Lee's comment is! And I echo Michelle's comment that I could only dream of looking as good as the two of you do at the end of such an arduous day.

Charlotte said...

I love a Susan Christmas!! Love it. Love the glitter, the color, the style! And I'm DYING over your new blog banner. It makes my heart stop.

Jill said...

I love your new banner, it's gorgeous!!

The vignettes are all so appealing, I'm so glad you post them.

You and Linda both look beautiful, did you take primping breaks?