Sunday, February 14, 2010

The night year later

Take a look at these photos posted just one year ago...I called my work "the night shift". How it seems like yesterday. Night after night of sorting, editing and narrowing down my resource library to fit into a much smaller space.

Stacks and stacks of books to eliminate for lack of space

Bins to return or put into a small upstairs studio/overflow

Night after night of sorting, reviewing and making the tough decisions...

Organizing my fabric books by vendor and season...whew!

Yes, I do remember saying something like, "well, what is the worst thing that could happen? We would have to expand again! ". And that is exactly what happened within the last year. While I have been happy to be on site in the retail store (with my smaller office taking up the back room), we have just outgrown the space!

So, after 12 years in downtown Yardley and 4 prior years in Lower Makefield, I am once again looking at "the night shift". I will be spending my after hours packing, sorting, organizing and overseeing the preparations for the new location.

My list looks something like this: (random thoughts not prioritized yet!)

1. Plan moving sale

2. Call vendors with open purchase orders to change ship-to address

3. Finalize paint colors for new location

4. Hire painter (Sneelock and I may be part of the team...)

5. Design sale banners and coming soon temp signs

6. Change the windows in the Yardley storefront one last time (tear-y eyed)

7. Quick trip to Naples, Fl for new design project

8. Initiate all immediate work to be done for our bedroom design/Princeton Designer House

9. Continue work on the current 10 design projects in progress...oh, dear!

10. Begin packing design library for move

11. Move shelving from basement stockroom and reassemble in new stockroom

12. Move all seasonal inventory as soon as possible

13. Schedule needed trip to High Point Market for design research

14. Release purchase orders for new merchandise/new location

15. Phone lines installed new location

16. Computer lines installed new location

17. Update Web design to reflect new location and contact numbers

18. Merchandise Yardley store for moving sale

19. Organize email blitz and assign for moving info/dates/sales/grand opening

20. Contract electrician for additional lighting new store

21. Move fixtures and furniture/office furniture and files to new location

22. Do my magic in the new location (merchandising and creating the new look).

23. Plan Grand Opening

24. Schedule 3 hours sleep each night

25. Attend Princeton Jr. League Designer House Opening Gala

26. Have Princeton room completed by 04/15 EEK!

27. Plan daily early morning workout

28. Dinner for Sneelock at least twice a week

29. Schedule at least 4 Dr. appointments (annual checkups)

30. Assemble favorite 12 ft work table in new design studio!!! (Look back to see how sad I was when I had to put it into storage one year ago).

31. Clone Sneelock

And with that, I think I have to stop my list. One day at a time, one hour at a night at a time. Yes, I think "the night shift" is inevitable. But this will be the last time. As my father would say, "I might believe you, but there are thousands who wouldn't". Really, the last time. The rewards will be great. Almost 4 times the space! Close to home. Historic building. Great parking. So you see, it really is too good to pass up. (I hope I remember that at 2:00a.m.)

New Location:

5222 York Road

Holicong, Pa 18928

267-767-3134 (for now)

For once, I'm looking forward to the end of Spring. Hope to see you there.

Stay tuned for progress reports and more photos. Wish me luck...and a few prayers wouldn't hurt either.


michelle said...

Oh DEE. I am exhausted just reading your list. Would that you could really clone Sneelock... or yourself.

Charlotte said...

Oh my. That to-do list is greatly overwhelming. I particularly like the last to-do: I think cloning is an excellent endeavor here. And I'd like to say that I'm one who believes in you!

Claire said...

I concur with Charlotte. I feel daunted just reading it.
But if any one can do it you can!

emily said...

Oh, dee, is right. Though the list is extensive, I knew while reading it that it is something that you can tackle. It is such a blessing not to be alone is this endeavor. Good luck! My prayers are with you!

love you!

Nishant said...

Would that you could really clone Sneelock... or yourself.
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