Sunday, August 29, 2010

Market Finds, All Good!

This market in NYC, there was a new section featuring new vendors, most of them of the artist variety. I found several new resources that hopefully will find homes in on my sales floor.

The first one is a most unique product...soft sculpture chicken footstools!! You hear me right. This one's for you, Shannon! Ifell in love with these and their creators-truly engaging.

Shannon will have to help me identify the varieties...I'm afraid I'm not too good with my chicken breeds! I will say that this chocolate one took my heart!

Another buyer stopped by the booth just as we were ending our chat with the creators and indulged me in this photo in order to show the scale of the soft sculptures. I tried them out too, and they were very relaxing!

The feet are cast bronze and the bodies are felted wool. The skill of the designers was just amazing, the way the tail feathers were created by rolling the wool.

These cute gals are the creators. The name of their company; the city girl farm, in Lyons, Ks. As you can see, they love their product and the work involved. I'll vouch for the fact that they are very easy to fall in love with! I regret to say that I left their names in my office. Every good intent to post from work failed (thus, the two week later post...).

The heads bob! They are on some kind of a spring, although subtle, and they move in the most wonderful way.

Just as the creators, one can become very attached to these darlings. If you have fallen for them as quickly as I, call my retail store to place an order. As reflected by the price, these farm friends are labor intensive and finely crafted. Retail value: $2000.00.

Don't worry, Shannon, I already alerted Brian that one of these is bound to be on your Christmas wish list! I'll see what I can do to accommodate.

Another new vendor that you'll find in my gift mix were these darling pillows made from burlap. Way cute friend gift (for a mother, daughter, or sister!) "happy House" , "live THANKFULLY", and...

"carefull free ranging children"...too funny! Photo frames and tea towels with equally entertaining quotes have been ordered too.

More market finds to come. Another night.


shannon said...

These are so darling! How funny that their heads bob! I'm in love!

The free range children flour sack pillow is pretty darn cute as well!

Who knew chickens would be so trendy?!

Marie Cramp said...

Hi Susan,
I am Denise's niece-in-law. {easiest way to explain the relation}
Denise said I should check out your stuff sometime, and it's wonderful! I am a jewelry designer so I understand the desire to create and make beautiful things. I hope you visit my blog too!


Lee said...

How fun your trip to NY looked. Miss seeing you more often. Read the comments on the barn, hey I would love to host a demonstration night, we would just have to do it by candlelight. The barn has no electricity.

michelle said...

Hmm. I'm not sure what to make of the chickens. I can totally see them in Shannon's house, not so much in mine...

I love the pillows, though!

Claire said...

I'll have to tell my mom about the Chicken footstools!