Sunday, October 3, 2010

If This Is October, what precisely happened to September and a sizable slice of August?

This describes my state of mind perfectly as the fall/holiday hustle and bustle kicks off at Black-eyed Susan. Didn't we just pack up Christmas a few months ago?!

Between putting on the finishing touches for a project slated for installation in Naples, Florida, revamping the sales floor to make room for metallic crows in party hats, and planning for the upcoming in-store events...oh, and did I mention the quick three day trip to the High Point Market with one day at home before going to Denver to put together the flowers for my niece's wedding...from which I will be returning with my favorite team to put up the annual Holiday extravaganza.......(that run-0n sentence is exactly what life is like right now)....well, you get the picture, this runaway train is on it's way!

Here's my check-list.
  • Halloween priced and calling my name
  • Summer sold out and fall has taken first seat
  • Event/class schedule published! What was I thinking...
  • Lobby township for a quick expansion
  • Take a deep breath and muster up every creative bone in my body
I guess I would have to say that I'm always happy when this time of year comes once again and I find myself ready for the task and happily anticipating the creative moxie to follow!

Come see the magic!


Charlotte said...

Let me be the first to say how ridiculously excited I am to see the wedding flowers magic?? I mean, really. I'm so, so excited.

I can't wait to see you soon! Love you!

emily said...

Just reading your list makes me need a deep breath! I can't wait to see the results of your creativity this fall! I also can't wait to see you in person at the wedding! Woohoo!

michelle said...

Sounds perfectly exhausting. I hope you're finding some time to sleep to energize those creative bones of yours!

Lee said...

Oh Missy, quit your belly aching! You know you live for this. What out it you would not want to live. So we all know you are in your glory in your, what I like to call "Susan's Tridium" October, November and December - when BES is at it's best. "They'll be classes for hosting, and cider for toasting and ornaments and ideas galore!" I can't wait. I also am so thrilled to be on your class list. Also wanted to tell you when you come back from Denise's daughters wedding and are going to decorate, the store, call me if you need help. Would love it.
P.S. You always had creative Moxie! (Also my husband's company name, so I love the word.) It definitely epitomizes you Moxie on Heals. Too cute!