Friday, December 3, 2010

Set-ups, Day 4: Over the River and Through the Woods

  • Pick up newly-delivered greens at store to complete outdoor urns; head back to Princeton
  • Arrive at set-up greeted by dozens of XL Rubbermaid tote bins with contents waiting to be unpacked, spruced, primped, hung, tied, embellished, and displayed
  • Attempt to stifle mild panic at amount of work to be finished in allotted time
  • Feel immense gratitude and relief for having highly competent team of six workers--especially JJ, who cheerfully fulfilled all assignments requiring climbing ladders to dizzying heights and all jobs involving hefting of live trees to second-story balconies
  • Breathe a sigh of relief when client's 12' tree full of collector Radko and McKenzie Childs ornaments is up with only one minor casualty
  • Express exasperation upon realization that hectic pace of the day preempted extensive photo documentation
  • Feel happy that Shannon took time to snap a few photos of the outdoor urns

  • Leave client's house (Susan) just in time to breeze into Light the Lights! store event (leaving remaining team members behind to finish the job)
  • Finish set-up with remaining team; stop on way back to store for a gourmet meal at Wawa deli
  • Chuckle at missing Person alert posted at deli counter


michelle said...

Your urns are gorgeous! The ones at the Y.I.... yikes.

Just the mere mention of dozens of Rubbermaid totes of decorations makes me feel weary.

Suzanne said...

Your urns are gorgeous!
No more Yardley Inn? :-( I never really got to experience your work there. (I'm still a newbie in town.)
Oh, well. Thanks for all you do elsewhere and sharing on your blog.

Denise said...

I wonder if the Yardley Inn was going for the tomato plant look. . . .