Friday, May 6, 2011

Ho-hum to Hip!

I was called by a client to update her college graduate's room several months ago. The only start to the room was a fresh coat of soft gray paint. That was my inspiration, and it didn't take long to come up with some cool fresh colors and pattern direction...I guess you won't be surprised to hear that chartreuse was my choice!

This outdated color pallet was calling for a Restyle for sure! I looked around the room for elements that we could use. The pecan chest of drawers was a sure candidate for a fresh coat of paint, and the cream granite top was of interest as it was.

Obviously, the room had not been changed since this young adult was a young girl. It's a common design issue that we often find! Just look at what a few simple changes and a moderate Restyle service did for the room! The budget was also moderate and I think you'll love the results!

Note the outdated window treatments,lamp, and particle board bookcases. In the initial assessment, these elements were discussed as needed changes. You can see that the room was in the stage of sorting and prepping for the new look.

Installation days are always rewarding for my design team! That is when we see the vision of our design work come to life. This is the old headboard and bedspread...

This is the new!

I absolutely love the graphic patterns and contrasting colors. My client picked up this fabulous little mohair pillow and throw and it was a great addition!

To backtrack a little, this was the room with several of the new elements in place when we arrived with the finishing touches and draperies. Note that the chest of drawers has been painted a fabulous gray color, deeper than the walls. We found these inexpensive bookcases with a bit more style (!) that didn't break the budget and were far less than custom work. You can see the new, hip lamp on the floor, as well as another bright chartreuse lamp for the desk area. In the foreground is a very stylish white leather chair. With the beginnings of our Restyle evident, I guess you are not surprised that I could not get those valances down soon enough!

This is a shot of the new bedding on the former headboard! My cute client just couldn't live with the old one second longer and did not wait for us to arrive to begin the Restyle! That taupe and chartreuse certainly makes a difference already. *sigh*

The bedding is from a great collection of machine washable ensembles. There is a great range of patterns and colors and the prices are great!

Often, a Restyle involves rearranging the room. I made the change of putting the chest of drawers on the side wall and moving the bed towards the center of the room. The bed had been in the corner of a fairly large room prior to this. I needed room for the new drapery panels and in preparation for my favorite glamorous chandelier to be hung (yet to be done!), this move was the perfect solution. Note the dramatic mirror we used for a impact and functionality. Wow!

So...out with the old...

and in with the new! Never fear, the queen headboard will soon be fitted with a matching queen mattress!

Another view of the room with accessories, grommet ed drapery panels (very hip!), leather chair, new bookcases (check out the mirrored bottom doors and new desk lamp. Moving the chest of drawers to the other side made room for the chair and drapery panels. It also made the room more cozy and spacious at the same time. All of our client's favorite books and sentimental items were used in the room, so it's still personal and intimate.

Closeup of draperies and cool hardware! Chartreuse accents make the gray walls and white bookcases pop.

I managed to get some of my favorite oh-so-real while phaleanopsis orchids in the design! Oh, the drama and beauty.

A closeup of the mirror-framed mirror! Note the tissue box which just happens to compliment our colors! And there's that modern lamp to make me smile. We put the granite top back on the newly painted chest. Great contrast, and wonderfully practical.

And, I don't think we'll be missing this!

I hope you're loving this!


jt said...

I do love those color combinations and I LOVE a good makeover with before and after shots!

michelle said...

Love it! Great colors, great fabrics. I'm with Jess – there's nothing like before & afters.

Claire said...

I am loving that mirror and those book cases!

linda said...

Love that so cool lamp and the drapery panels make a huge difference!

Denise said...

You've inspired me to want this color combo in my bedroom! The walls are already a pale grey, if you recall. Tell me more of the "affordable" washable bedding. LOVE it!

Suzanne said...

Oh, that is just beautiful. How did i miss this? Thank you for sharing this, Susan. I LOVE a good before & after post!

Molly Krauss Smith said...

I love the colors you chose. Oooh, tell me more about those bookcases!