Saturday, July 16, 2011

Black-eyed Susan Treasure Chest!

Okay, right off the are our disclaimers on our photo shoot...

  • an amateur photographer
  • a pretend model
  • pretend odel states her age to be 51; not 19...and requests that all signs of aging be overlooked
  • photos taken at 8:00 pm---alarm went off at 6:10 am ---it's been a long day!
  • our feet are painfully tired
  • we're a bit slaphappy
  • room service interrupts our photo shoot---we stop to eat
  • after eating steak sandwich, sweet potato fries, and 2 oatmeal cookies model resists the urge to slip into stretchy pants
We spent most of the day purchasing floral stems, fabulous botanical leaves, fig trees, lemon topiarys, spring blossoms, perfect peppers, willows and all manner of new succulents. Oh, the succulents!

Mid afternoon, we headed over to the Cash and Carry from the day before to pick up our treasures! Our load was so heavy after that, it was nearly impossible to climb the many sets of steps required for the rest of the day. Ugh. Thankfully, there are strong young men employed by the market, to assist overloaded shoppers with their overloaded bags and gladly carry them up and down the stairs! We were so happy to take advantage of their offer for help.

S0, this is just a tease of the haul:

Pearl and rhinestone twinkle-y beauty!

Same thing...another angle. Wear with jeans or dressy occasions!

Aforementioned room service...steak sandwich with blue cheese and arugula with sweet potato fries...yum!

Black gaggle with pearls and rhinestones. Wow!

We're coming back with more "whisper bracelets". These are sold as sets of five in silver, gold, black, or pearl. Wear "as many as you can afford" (as per Charlotte Jane Hunter darling ever stylish to the end mother).

Another set of bracelets to be worn together...some of them are rivals of a famous designer name
selling for $900.00 per bracelet!!'s a secret!

Check out this magnetic closure rhinestone bracelet we couldn't resist. One could be yours!
Cost of ring - 20 years of marriage!

Another pave rhinestone necklace -we bought gold and silver. Versatile and glamorous.

Last temptress...a beautiful stretchy rhinestone band. Every jewelry box needs one.

We're coming home with the haul! I'll be planning and posting a time for a great jewelry sale to show off the new offerings, so watch for the dates to be announced!

A little more time for re-working the list for tomorrow...then an earlier bed-call for tonight.

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