Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grateful Heart

Gratitude. Thanksgiving day is always a day that I spend in reflection.

I was raised by loving parents who loved each other and left me with memories of family celebrations unequaled. I was tutored by a learned mother who taught me to be a skilled baker and cook. She showed me how to be generous and selfless. My father has lived a life of service and industry. I'm sure my love of productivity has come from him. I have siblings of great worth and beauty-my finest friends. I have creative vision that propels me forward and health enough to sustain that vision.

I have a darling husband who puts me in the fore front of his life and works with me side by side...even when he is tired.

I am truly amazed with each of my three children. They are creative, beautiful, loving, and each one of them supreme parents to their own children. They inspire me and live exemplary lives of integrity.

I feel a debt of gratitude for a very capable and supportive staff . Black-eyed Susan can run smoothly and steadily with the dedication and talents of each.

I have a warm home where love is spoken. I do not go hungry. Hot water is abundant and everyday luxuries abound.

This year we spent the day with good friends and some of the finest food I can remember. We spent the most enjoyable and tender time with Shannon and Brian Monson. Take a look at Shannon's beautiful mantle, dressed with her cream-ware collection,bittersweet and light-light votives. It set the mood for the rich bounty of food and friendship.

It is such a plus to count Shannon as a dear friend and an employee! We share a creative kindred friendship and many nights of "the late shift" at Black-eyed Susan. She is quickly becoming my right hand gal for weekly merchandising and window dressing. Selflessly, she brings dinner to me on those late night ventures...yet another blessing.

I count all of my Black-eyed Susan clients and friends as blessings. Thank you for supporting me for these many years of growth and success. I feel that I have fine friendships with so many through this association. I feel supported and loved. During a recent illness, I was truly amazed at the repeated offers for prayers on my behalf. In the challenging economic times of the past few years, we have continued to have steady projects that have brought such satisfaction and joy. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It is my hope for each of my friends and family, that you will have the joy and blessings that I have had in my life this year.

Happy Thanksgiving and many more to come.

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