Monday, December 31, 2012


 Fred and I spent the Christmas holidays in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains this year with our firstborn and her husband and children. There couldn't be a more beautiful part of the country this time of year. We were not disappointed when the soft snowfall began on Christmas Eve and continued through the next few days. These are some of the views Fred captured.

 Driving through the beautiful Bucks County neighborhoods this evening brought a moment of wonder and 
melancholy to my heart . Another tender season comes to a close and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to embark on the new year just yet. I should's certainly been a busy season, a successful season. I love my retail creative work, but it does not come without considerable sacrifice. But, it's a sacrifice I enjoy.

Where have the last few months gone? The stockroom is bare...the trees empty. There isn't much adornment of any significance left. How I recall the near panic in my heart when I looked at tables, baskets, trees, stockrooms and closets bursting with the 2012 Christmas offerings and wondered what I had done! With all the reassurance from my buying co heart that we had stayed in our budgets and not to worry, I wondered if that could be true! Looking around the store today I can say she was right. 

Just as there is opportunity now to create new venues and inspirations, there is time for introspection on many levels. The desire for personal changes and a debt of gratitude for my retail friends and clients come quickly to heart. A new year begins and the prospect of new beginnings on many levels gives strength and encouragement to me.

I couldn't have accomplished what I did in 2012 without the help and support of staff, family and my loyal Black-eyed Susan friends and supporters. Thank you for your encouragement and trust as we have come into your homes to share our time and visions. 

I'm looking forward to another year of creative inspirations, vision and personal insights. 

Happy New Year. I'm ready for the challenge and look forward to sharing the ride.


Lee said...

Hi Susan,
I share your thoughts and feelings. It's always bittersweet. Today I took down everything. Very sad but at the same time exciting. So many possibilities. And I look forward to another journey, new ideas and things to look forward to.
I miss you.

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots! I'm sorry that Johnny and I missed your visit to Utah. We'll have to be sure to catch you next time.

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

I love the winter shots. They make me glad to be back in the state, but sorry that I missed seeing you and Fred.

Here's to a great new year!

Love you