Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wednesday night magic

Another successful late night magic occurred tonight! Ann and I filled in blank spaces, restyled several areas with new arrivals and felt a little dizzy smelling the new candles ( orange no less!).

It's always a blessing when we leave before midnight and love the end result of our efforts. Tonight was one of those...

- Posted using BlogPress from my ipad ..We put out these cool stacks of book pages that have been back ordered far too long...such a nice addition to our organic mix.

These slipcovered dining chairs came in today and we found a home for them until some lucky beachfront owner steals them away!

This great weathered sideboard came in and we found a good home for it. The perfect colored set of books+ mossy spheres and an oversized clock resulted in a great look. We added the chevron drapery panels and loved it! These lined redimade panels would be perfect for a shore house or instant redo for a summer bedroom. At $100.00 per panel, style is so affordable.

We used a favorite modern canvas print to restyle one of my favorite vintage sideboards. It's a perfect marriage of old and new. These white glass lamps are perfectly beautiful ( brand new!) and the addition of several chrome and mercury accents made our hearts sing. That eye chart art in the forefront is really spectacular too. I've been threatening to take that art home for my new family room....maybe this weekend?

These shadow box frames were filled by Ann with some wallcovering memos from my design clever! Of course, volumes of old books are the perfect backdrop! And how about that ceramic cherry ?! *sigh*

A recent shipment gave me this white ceramic shallow platter with a hammered silver rim...Oh. My. And who wouldn't think of putting a kale leaf and oyster shells as interesting fillers?!

You know how I love orange...this slipper chair just makes me happy. Paired with these well priced nested matte silver and mirrored tables, it is a show stopper. And by the way, that yellow tag you see means it has a super promotional price right now.

And that is just a few of the new looks we put together tonight...I'll just remind you that Thursdays are always a great day to visit my store. Perfectly fresh, new, and inspiring. Hope to see you!

Pssst...if you mention my blog post, an additional 25% off as my gift.

Wednesday night magic...what can I say?!

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