Sunday, February 1, 2009


With Valentines Day fast approaching, I would like to document my favorite Black-eyed Susan picks! I think we've done a great job finding unique gifts of love for all. Let me know what your favorite is! With only 13 days remaining, make time to visit the store soon for the best selection.
(There's always mail order for my cute followers far away). Don't hesitate to email me for any orders. Now, let's take a look

One of my personal favorites (well, I could say that about all of them)! After all, I did the buying! These elongated heart note cards in about 4 different patterns (polka dots included)! 8 notes and 8 envelopes. Very stylish love notes.

Oh, the polka dot nesting bowls! Chocolate and shades of pink. Useful for everyday, but so darling for a special valentine gift. The center one has a chocolate interior!

Susan's best ever homemade fudge--YUM! (Not for dieters......) Just enough of this delicious candy for your boss, assistant, or love! It's addictive, and note the darling crimped ramekin. Two gifts in one!

This set of two heart platters is perfect for your favorite cook. How about serving some of my best ever fudge on it?! Picture fancy sugar cookies or delicious cupcakes on them. Beautiful!

Okay, here's some of my fudge that we sampled for customers on Saturday! Sweet idea!

Who wouldn't love a table or buffet set with these frosted mercury glass valentine votives. I lite them so you could see the heart motif through the glass. They're magical! These are slightly larger than a small votive. Be still, my heart.

Perfect for serving dessert on,this set of 4 plates with 4 assorted heart motif designs. Ahhhhh.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't be pleased with these vibrant mercury glass container filled to the brim with valentine m&ms. Secretary, boss, coworker, daughter, best friend, well, you get the picture!

I would personally love to get this very stylish cherry red patent leather cosmetic bag from my valentine! (Add my favorite Este Lauder lipstick and it's a home run)!

Oh, my! This ceramic frame with raised swiss dots and the xoxo across the top! Perfect for your valentine, complete with your favorite snapshot of the two of you. Very romantic.

For my last pick, I just couldn't leave out my favorite glass glitter! Sorry, it's a bit blurry! I think this darling vintage inspired cardinal, swinging on a white chenille heart and dripping with a glass glitter star, is the perfect love token for the collector. I'm in love with them.

Whatever your plans include, I hope you find the perfect valentine for all those on your list. I'm doing my part to help! Come in and let us help you find something that speaks the language of love.


shannon said...

so many cute things...My favorite is the little cardinal swinging on the chenille heart...:)

Bond Girl 007 said...

Oh my sooo festive. I can say I love the sweet detail touch you display on those tiny here are the plates, and you make the cheese cake! Those details are endearing.

emily said...

I love it all! But of course, I love anything that comes in polka dots. I too love the clever cards next to your displays. So cute. Your store must be a wonderland of Valentine chic! :)

Lee said...

I love your picks. I need to get some of your delicious fudge.
The only thing good about February is that my chocolate intake goes way up!
Love it. Lee

michelle said...

My favorite is the cardinal with glass glitter star (no surprise there!). But I like it all -- especially your tip cards scattered about! Great idea filling the ramekins and mercury glass with fudge and m&ms, it is doubly appealing.

Denise said...

You need to get your cute client Georgiana (sp?) in there to get one of those cardinals for her bird-themed Christmas tree--it's perfect!