Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowy, snowy night

Another snowstorm descended upon us today, getting more beautiful as the night approached. Having grown up in the Rocky Mountains, I welcome a good snowstorm! While I had planned to work well into the night in the quiet of my executive office, I drove home, lit the fire and settled in for a late night of correspondence and planning, all within eye shot of the falling snow.
As I pulled into the driveway, I took note of the beautiful, untouched winter wonderland all about me! The snow was fluffy and crystallized! It lay on the trees absolutely magically!

My darling miniature weeping willow tree with a glitter-like sparkle!

When viewed up close, the snow looked like a prop of Bethany Lowe's snow blanket that could be purchased for display!

My vintage gate with a fine blanket of snow sitting in pristine drifts.

Just outside the front door, this perfectly shaped spruce tree looks freshly flocked.
Ahhhhh! The beauty of fresh snow. Especially when you can sit by the fire! Enjoy the view.


Bond Girl 007 said...

Oh my what a treat! But driving in the snow at night...kind of scary. I remember a year ago arriving at Santa Fe at around midnight just as the snow was coming down. It was magical. This kind of magic is wondrous! Thank you for the description, it made my late night blogging warm and fuzzy!, specially since we turned on the AC for a little while today! Crazy

emily said...

What a wonderful night! I love when snow comes on a night like yours and you can be home and cozy and enjoy its beauty. I hope your evening included some hot cocoa, because then it really would be perfect!

michelle said...

A snowstorm is best when you can view it from indoors, by the cozy fire!

Your gate is even more charming when draped in nature's flocking.

Jill said...

Our snow in Utah has turned ugly. We've now got clear roads with huge ugly piles of dirty snow pushed to the sides and in parking lots. I hate it when it gets like this. We could use a lovely snowstorm like yours.

I especially love the picture of the snow on the gate!

shannon said...

It WAS a pretty night, wasn't it!
I couldn't get over how every branch was coated with snow...I want to burn that image in my brain forever!
Sounds like you had the perfect evening!

charlotte said...

I, too, am almost always up for a good snowstorm :)