Sunday, April 26, 2009

Countdown to finish line

Well, here are just a few photos I took today. We worked late into the evening and I didn't have the best light! Don't worry, Sneelock will be on duty to do the final photo shoot. (Tonight he was too busy hanging draperies and he had to remake the soft roman shades! They were too wide!!)

I very pleased with the way the room is turning out. We added the best pillows today from a local designer, hung the draperies,and detailed the walls with art and vintage plates and platters. I haven't used many of these for years, and it was nostalgic to get them all out. I like the clean lines of the linen furniture with the use of the plates as art. I also combined many of my collected framed buttons from a darling and quirky designer we purchase from for the store.

So, here's just a peak at some of the details....

Look at these too cute pillows that one of our local suppliers furnished for the room! They are the perfect color and add a bit of unexpected personality to the sofa and chairs! The pom poms are just too darling!! These two designers live in Yardley and their company is Swia Silk. What fun I had selecting the styles and how fabulous of them to contribute them to our room design. They will be for sale through the designer sales during the show house.

I selected these lamps from another favorite line that we carry in the store. But how pleased I was when the shades matched absolutely perfectly with my linen sofa and the stenciled motif looked as if they had used the wall color for a perfect color match! Perfection achieved!

In addition, I got three of the small vintage French letters/envelopes framed.(Remember, I found them in my flea market purchase books?!) I'll take a photo the first chance I get.

I collaged this wall of vintage plates and platters, along with these two framed intaglios that were found at our local (and fantastic!) antique flea market. I added into the mix several of the framed buttons that I spoke of. From the look of this photo, I'm wondering if I should have tightened up the scale just a bit. I'll take another look tomorrow!

Did you know that terrariums are back??! Yes! These are some great ones I ordered for the room from yet another favorite vendor, but you can use any lidded compote or glass container for this purpose. The favorite container you used for Christmas ornaments on your mantle can now be converted to a summer centerpiece as a terrarium!

Another shot of the drum chandelier, the table lamps and the giant ferns that flank the front entrance into the room. These ferns are not real!! Until you touch them, you cannot tell.

There's a few more details to come, but basically I'm coming to the final countdown. Hope to see you all there!!


michelle said...

It all looks wonderful! I love the lamp and, of course, those framed buttons are still some of my favorite things. How exciting to be to the final countdown!

Jill said...

Everything is gorgeous!

linda said...

It all looks so inviting, can't wait to see it in person!

shannon said...

(impressed sigh!)

Susan-Susan-Susan!--You've got the magic touch! It looks gorgeous...I'm sure it looks even better in person...I'm going to try to go...

Denise said...

I only wish I could go in person! I love the tone-on-tone feel to the room--very elegant and chic. My friend Paula is coveting your French postcards!

Lee said...

Susan I'm so jealous. That room is amazing.
Hey any time you want a crash course in putting cool gadgets on your blog let me know. My niece who is 16 is so impressed. Her and I have a twilight fetish.
Anyway, I have gone to the store 3 times and your never there I"m always sad when I dont see ya.
Will come by of course. And Lisa and I are going to the showhouse to see in person what you've done. I can't wait. Lee

Charlotte said...

I'll echo others' comments and say that I wish I could see it in person! And I probably never would have supposed that terrariums were in style (but I can always trust you to lead me aright!).

I'm SO excited to see you in a couple of weeks! Love you!