Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're off!!

Oh my! I am getting such a back log of blog posts, it's a bit overwhelming

I'll catch up as soon as time permits. Here's what you have to look forward to!
Las Vegas project!! Yes! We made our first trip out to size up the project and get our design ideas going, being directed by our client to give it the Las Vegas glam effect!! You'll need to stay tuned for this one.

We left in style to be sure:

I guess even 5:30am looks better in this! (stretch limo pickup!)

We stayed in a posh hotel designed in the name of Steve Wynn. This is our fabulously comfy bed, decked out in down! The headboard was very stylish too! Check it out. Our room was brand new and full of stylish appointments! Just what my design eye appreciated.

I adored this fresh upholstered chair in butter yellow. Our room was yellow and orange, can't beat that! There were two of these cuties flanking the chest of drawers.

Our bathroom was very glamorous, with a marble floor, double sink (magnifying make-up mirror included). We even had a flat screen TV mounted in the wall for early morning entertainment!
Very stylish sink, check out the legs!

I never had a chance to try out this inviting soaking tub.....maybe next time!

Now this is what I call snacks! Candies, chocolates, nuts, cookies, bottled water....all for the enjoyment of the pampered guest! The logo for our hotel shows up great here.

After a 5:30 am pickup and a 5 hour flight, we landed and got right to work (well, after a fabulous lunch at a 4 star restaurant to die for!) We were treated like royalty from a chic room, to 5 star restaurants, to VIP tickets to an over the top Vegas show. In between, workworkwork! We got our measurements, went shopping for furniture and tile, furnished the house, and more.

Whew!! Back on the plane and home again after two days of high style rolling (not the gambling kind....)

I'll be documenting our trip, the design direction and some pretty fabulous style photos as time permits.

Along with all this, the designer house is coming to a close for the preparation part! Here is a photo of how it looked last week prior to hoping over to Vegas. This week, we;ll complete the room with every bell and whistle. Stay tuned for more design inspiration. It looks like it's going to be a great showhouse and great food from Jamie Hollander as well! Tickets are available at Black-eyed Susan ($20.00 if purchased ahead, $25.00 at the door).

The room is really shaping up and we have great compliments from the others involved so far! I know you'll love it too.


michelle said...

It all looks fabulous! What a fun trip. Now I want to know about the show you saw... and the restaurant.

Suzanne said...

Hi Susan! Welcome home! I have some questions: :-D Is it me or is there a photo missing here?
When is the drawing for the bedroom makeover? When is your trip to High Point? many questions...

shannon said...

I forgot to ask you what the purpose of your trip to Vegas was...

Is it just a coincidence that the same person who designed that cute jewelry is the same one who did the decor in the hotel?

The hotel sounds like such a treat! I've never stayed in a place with that much style...

Bond Girl 007 said...

oh wow vegas is just a delight for the eye...decorating speaking (I guess there are way other delights there too) but just the hotels and the floors and the windows, curtains, architecture, for sure a trip to amazing things. Sounds like it was very busy...can't wait to see the results...