Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vail Style Sightings.....or not!

A walk through the quaint village of Vail, Colorado proved to be filled with a myriad of style sightings. The Village is fairly quiet this time of year, not in the throws of the season yet. Shopkeepers, groundskeepers, and UPS men alike indulged us in photo ops, as you will see!

A wonderful shop called "Cos Bar" was filled with beautiful pallets of lip glosses, eye shadows and all manner of enticing finds. Considering my entire family inherited what we call "the primping gene", it was a find to be sure.

Across from the Cos Bar, my daughter Michelle shot this great example of style documenting these coral windows, awning and shutters. So cute. Such style.

I paused to ask the local UPS delivery man if his hat was standard UPS issue! He indulged me in this photo quite willingly (!) and, the answer was "yes" having to do with sunburn protection. I intend to ask Fran (local BES delivery man) when he will be bringing his out!

Yes, even Vail has been struck with the "PEACE" trend! You may recall I documented the beginning of such last January after my winter buying trip. So, PEACE to all.

In an oh-so-cute yarn shop, we spotted countless examples of style! Color and textiles together always speak to my design heart. Skeins of fine yarn were abundant and most fulfilling to sort through and select favorites.

In the same shop, we came across these plastic tubes of buttons! Most of you know that I have a real penchant for buttons, old and new. I couldn't resist purchasing pairs of several of my favorites. The shopkeeper was delightful and fun to chat with. We mused together over the joys of retail

Another collection of beautiful texture and color in the yarns my niece, Emily was knitting with. I composed a photo of our perfectly wound balls as she began her work. Great color selection, Emily!

And to end with, my example of "or not" style!! Bear carvings and sculptures seem to be a favorite of the local residents. This one we found to be particularly spooky.....I guess style cannot be everywhere. We deemed him "werebear."
All in all, a very stylish visit has come to an end. We did do a good bit of stylish cooking while we were here. Link to my daughter, Michelle's recipe blog for more information on that!

Goodbye, Vail. Hello to Bucks County soon. I'm looking forward to getting back to sea level. Not so much to getting back to normal life.


linda said...

Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time on your much needed vacation! Hope you bought me some of that delicious lip gloss!

Jill said...

These are great photos, and I love the new banner!

It cracks me up to think of your family having the primping gene.

Jackie said...

Susan,we are all so happy you are having fun.We hope you are resting as well.
Love the buttons!! Everyone visiting the showhouse adores the buttons there,you have inspired people to get out their old buttons and enjoy them.
See you next week!

michelle said...

These pictures are a sight for sore eyes! I'm not so much looking forward to normal life, either.

Denise said...

After my first day of Return to Normal Life, I'd have to say that I'd rather be back in Vail--werebear or no.