Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where I Got My Start!

You've heard me speak about my Mother, Charlotte Jane, often enough. Here she is with my darling sister, Denise.

At age 82, Mother stands as my standard for all things beautiful and impeccable style. My love of these things was influenced by her. She has always been the perfect example of service, unconditional love, integrity, refinement, and purity. Her beauty comes from within and is enhanced by her wit and entertaining way.

Growing up, our home was filled with cutting edge style! Uncommon color, linen draperies with fine passementerie trims, stylish room settings and the smell of fine baked treats welcomed all.

Today, she is the envy of all of her daughters and granddaughters, when she dons her size 2 jeans and freshly pressed white shirt, well appointed jewels and shoes....just pure style!

My sister, Patricia , is a fine composer, lyricist, and writer. Years ago, she composed a song for my mother . I know that I don't have all the lyrics just right, but this is the best I can do for now! I love these tender words that tell so much about the mother that I love and cherish.

With a way too willing, and a silent unrepose
She could turn a day gone wrong to he advantage!
With a tape measure ribbon and a cushion full of pins
There was nothing in the world he couldn't manage.
With a gift to entertain
Still there's no way to explain
How she could turn a day of sorrow into gold!
Always in above her head
And wise beyond her years
And overall, an angel underpaid!

When we did the evening dishes, she would teach us some old song
Through soap and steam, we could feel the cold earth warming.
Am I skimming all the cream off a vague and distant dream
Or is time the surest looking glass for lif
Am I all too sentimental? Do I go to an extreme?
Do the good times overshadow all the strife?
That's what I always called her, but her name was really Charlotte.
Charlotte Jane Hunter Petersen

Happy Mother's Day, sweetest mother of mine. I love you.


shannon said...

I can't believe your still awake! I'm only up because I can't stop coughing!-- :(

This is such a darn sweet post! You sure know how to pay tribute to someone--that's for sure! I love the note you wrote to Michelle as well!--

You are pretty great yourself--

Happy Mother's Day....XO

southerninspiration said...

Wow, she looks GREAT! And what a sweet tribute to her!


michelle said...

I have always loved that song -- I don't know all the lyrics either, but I know most of what you wrote and I remember the tune.

I certainly do envy her cuteness, her wit, her size 2 jeans and her shoes! I wonder how many women can say THAT about their grandmother??

Charlotte said...

She's pretty incredible! I love this tribute--I'm extremely blessed to have been born into such a remarkable family.

Can't wait to see you this week!

Jill said...

She is an amazing woman and has raised such wonderful daughters!

emily said...

She was in her tiny jeans and pressed white shirt today! Haha. I love these images of her. I can't think of Grandma without thinking about beauty and life and light. This is a wonderful tribute to a truly amazing woman.

Denise said...

You DO give the best tributes! I had wanted to blog about Mother on Mother's Day, but unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat in my life--at least for a time.

Can't wait to see you soon!!