Friday, July 10, 2009

Score! Great finds coming your way...

There are just some showrooms that inspire! Then there are others that leave you wondering, "what are they thinking?!" The ones that inspire are filled with creative ideas and visuals that give you a creative high. One must walk through the showroom once, twice, several times over taking in the little vignettes and surprises.

This is also what I try to do in my retail store for you! While I can't afford unlimited inventory right now, I can afford to share unlimited ideas and design inspiration with you. I hope you'll stop in for your own "fix".

For now, here are some of the best picks today:

We found these great rub-on monograms (we chose a different font) that you can use for anything! The cutest idea perhaps, the rear window of your car!

Check out these oh so cool black ceramic bases and containers to put under cloches!

Galvanized potting shed pots with numbered tags! Get in line for these.

Just a bit out of focus, but fabulous distressed urns. Lots of ideas in mind for these.

The most enchanting framed bird prints in sepia displayed with garden tools and old ledger pages. Oh, so cute!

This is actually a lantern hung on the wall and used as a shadowbox! Plates, eggs, nests,old photos and straw...we ordered the straw too!

Another closeup of yet another lantern vignette . Note the blue transfereware plate!

About the most interesting birdcage I've ever seen! I have a former client with a pet dove--so perfect for her! It's way cool.

An interesting and unusually shaped cloche...that's straw and a turnip underneath!

Tiny sculptures of nests with eggs. Oh yea, we got plenty.

Well, that's the review of the day's picks! Let me know which ones inspire you and look for them coming our way next spring!

Did I mention that we are buying for Spring 1010?! It will be worth the wait!


Suzanne said...

Oh, Yes. May I please have a couple of those rub-on monograms? I need them yesterday - and my last name begins with an "R" :-) Thank you.

I'm also loving the cloches and their bases.

Ummm....I have NO idea where I'd put that lantern/shadowbox thingy, but I love it and would find a spot for it.

Thanks for sharing, Susan. Can't wait to see what you'll show us tomorrow. Goodnight.

P.S. You ordered STRAW?! Really?

Denise said...

Perhaps one of the monograms would add a touch of class to my ghetto car.

Great finds, as always!

Jill said...

I love seeing these great things you're finding!

michelle said...

Good call on choosing another font for the rub-ons!

I love the pots with numbered tags! And the blue transferware.

What I want to know is -- how hard is it to order all this fun stuff and then have to put it away until next Spring?

emily said...

I love the car monograms! I love the rustic gardening tools, as well. I love it all! I expected nothing less, of course.

Happy shopping!

Charlotte said...

I'm loving the monogram rub-ons! Looks like you're having a successful run!

linda said...

Fortunately all of these and many other way cute Spring items do not comein until February, which means we aren't tempted to put them out too soon!!

Bond Girl 007 said...

Topiaries.....ohhhhh my! I love those!