Thursday, July 9, 2009

On The Lookout!

Day one. A view of our feet side by side. At this point, raring to go! No pains. Ready for another day.
And might I point out that our foot sizes 4.5 and 5 are quite compatable and we often exchange shoes for a day. Now that's what I call a kindred spirit!

Well, I'm in Atlanta again with my very stylish and entertaining friend, Linda! She and I have done the buying for the store since it opening in 1994. Our days are filled with stimulation (some good, some bad!), and walking,walking,walking...

I'm going to be documenting some of the best, and possibly worst, things we find! (Remember the butterfly bonanza from the January market)? If not, go back to my January 09 posts and check it out!

We had a half day today, after driving the four hours from Charlotte. After registering, we began the intense search for the new products and most stylish options to bring home to the store.

You can count on some instant new jewels...fabulous any additional new Holiday items that we can't resist.

I'll document with photos the best and the worst, so check back in the next few days! And, don't hesitate to personally contact me for your wish-list! I'll do my best!


Jill said...

That's crazy that Linda has super tiny feet too!

Bond Girl 007 said...

finally finally finally caught up! you've been super super busy and again on the go! I love it! the good advantage of cute and tiny feet is that you get great deals when they go on sale, since not a lot of people wear soo tiny, so there are A TON of cute cute ones, not picked like larger sizes.! maybe since thye are cute and tiny they should sell for less no? hehehehe

michelle said...

Linda has got to be the only person you can share shoes with, eh? Happy shopping!

Susan said...

Ah yes, for the record, having tiny feet is NOT economical! There are none left when sale time comes and the only place to get 4 or 4 1/2 is at high end department stores!

Too bad my collection of over 200 pairs will not go to either one of my daughters in an inheritance!!

Shoes, what is it about them, anyway?!