Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Retirement wishes...

More and more often, I find myself yearning for the lazy days of retirement! "What?" you say? I'm not sure I will lounge around and sleep in until 9:00am every day, never go through the long process of hair and makeup (after all, I do have the primping gene, as identified by my sister Denise).

I do find that when I have been away from my retail "home" I often yearn to return and get my hands back in the thick of things. I'm not sure I would be happy for too long without some of the stresses and challenges of my work. Maybe I'll always have a hand in consulting and designing. Yes, most likely I will. That being said, I still yearn for the lazy days of retirement, be they what it may.

While we were away in the Outer Banks, my youngest daughter, Jessie and I walked the quiet and historic streets of Beaufort, NC. It was here that I was reminded that Jess and I have always shared the dream of having a bed and breakfast! We love to cook and bake. We can be very entertaining (especially Jessie!), I have set after set of beautiful old dishes, at least 30 cake plates. Probably 25 compotes for jams, jellies and fresh fruits. Vintage linens galore (and don't forget my fetish for ironing).

Just think how often we could redecorate the rooms! Recycle the furniture and by new! Create a "designer room " of sorts and sell it off, only to create something more interesting! I could use all of my favorite art and collectibles, hang as many plates as I wanted and repaint at a moment's notice. And, we would have Sneelock to complete the tasks!

Somehow it doesn't sound very relaxing.

Here are some of the homes that were for sale that could be the new retirement venture! I'm sure you can see the possibilities with me.

Almost every house was white! The old fisherman's captain's homes dated back to the early 1700's.
Porches everywhere for the lounging. Rockers facing the sea. Black shutters. Charm.
This sidewalk had a welcoming name written in oyster shells at the beginning of the walk. I thought I was getting it in the photo...oh, well.

Gates and fruit compote finials. This side porch faced the enchanting guest house in the rear.

Old wooden fences, freshly painted, more porches and black full length shutters. Yes, this could be the one.

This one looks like a fitting challenge for fabulous design. *note the private balcony*

Bella, one of my four year old grand daughters stopping to check out these dainty yellow blooms.

I'm pretty sure we were meant to own one of these. Oh, and did I mention that Jessie has plans to "rent cats to sleep in your room" for those who desire...

I'll let you know when the place is ready for reservations.

It's good to dream.


michelle said...

It is a good dream. But no, it doesn't sound very relaxing! Unless I was one of the guests...

Jill said...

That sounds like an excellent fit for you and Jessie. I can't imagine you ever retiring fully because you seem to thrive with being on the go.

The idea of renting cats to sleep in the room with your guests is hilarious and clever.

Lee said...

Well Susan if you do I will be your first weekend guest. One of the places I want to visit is Beaufort, NC. That is where my favorite author lives and writes about. Nicholas Sparks.
I will definitely be there. Hee Hee

Marie said...

I will definitely be a guest. It will be the most fabulous bed and breakfast!

Charlotte said...

Count me in, as helper and guest! The "cats for hire" sound a little creepy to me, though. . . . And Bella looks WAY too old for my peace of mind!

dom said...

okay Susan, You asked for my comment and here it is.

You may enjoy retirement-not having to go to the store and deal with the stresses and the people. You may even sleep until 9 from time to time. I am fairly sure you will always get "dolled up" because looking nice is something you do very well.

The houses look great. You see the potential and the design possibilities. I see all the painting, yard work and maintenance that will need to be done. One of those places would be very cool though

Where, may I ask, does Fred fit into these plans? Maybe you are not taking him with you. Very interesting.


jt said...

I forgot about the rent-a-cats! I bet Shannon will back me up... Remember that one old house we tried to convince dad to buy that had numerous out buildings like an old carriage house and a potting shed and a pond, room for horses and needed complete renovation? It had a walk-in size hearth? I do. it was awesome.
Dad did not agree.

Denise said...

Count me in on this venture! I love to do any type of work with you.

shannon said...

Susan...living near the beach is a dream of mine, too...there is such an amazing energy that being near the water has...

Any of the above mentioned houses would suit me just fine!

---- sigh-----

emily said...

The thought of your bed-and-breakfast is so exciting to me! I would readily join your work force. I could head up the cleaning team! The houses are all beautiful, and I would love to see what you could do with them.

Marie said...

I love to read your blogs. We need to be updated!

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