Thursday, June 11, 2009

BES Backstock?

Last Saturday our first annual Summer Wreath Sale launched!

Enter Andrew!

Andrew is a regular! Never mind that he has to treck almost an hour to get to us. So much a regular, that on his visit early Saturday morning, it was decided that should Black-eyed Susan fall short of inventory, and Susan's personal stash along with Trish's basement stash fell equally would be our next (and most likely, equal) source for immediate back stock!

Andrew purchased an abundance, one could say, of my favorite lime green peonies-both large and small! Although this image is not the finest (taken by Trish on her I-phone), it was a great documentation of the purchase of one our finest and most loyal fans. The day was off to a great start...except for the many clients who came in after aaa to purchase this popular flower!

Oh well, the early bird gets the worm.

Come in for more options for beautiful summer wreaths...still at 30% off for one more week!

(Try not to fret, more of these beauties are already on the way!)

And then, there's always Andrew's basement!

*Does anyone else out there have this BES back stock problem?*


Lee said...

I will totally come in to see your flowers and to see you. Lee

Denise said...

I wish I could be the Early Bird!

emily said...

Andrew has great taste! I'd be the early bird at your store anytime!

michelle said...

Good call on those peonies, Andrew! I wish I could be the early bird as well.