Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Generally, at the end of each day I sit down with my laptop and review emails, respond, check the blogs I follow and get inspired by the design happenings of the day in th form of a blog post.

As I set out to share an entertaining account of another designer's written word, I noticed that today is my 100th post! Thanks to the inspiration of my darling and creative (in all ways!) daughters, I entered the world of blogging to inspire others in the matters of style. I have a number of followers and they hale from 14 countries! I have had just over 9000 visits from the countries of: United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, Bahrain, and Iceland! (Google analytics is very interesting!) 66.49% of my visitors are returning followers and 33.51% are new. I am amazed, but I love it! I run into "my people" (tee hee) in various places and situations and feel genuinely honored. Style...or all around and in this past year, I have found so many stylish subjects to document.

"I'm for style. Fashion changes too often" Coco Channel. I echo that favorite quote!

So, here's to the next 100 posts. And thanks for the interest!

p.s. I'm not so stylish late at night.


Jill said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

It's hard to imagine you ever not being stylish, even late at night.

Suzanne said...


Let's see....what is YOUR favorite post?

Your sister's bathroom makeover is one of my faves. Gotta love a fabulous before and after! ;-)

The one about your beloved table being taken out of your studio, and how you cried...:-( I just searched for it, but couldn't find it. (Could you add a search tool here for us to find older posts easily? That'd be great!)

Have a great night and again, congratulations!


michelle said...

100 posts is a great milestone! I'm so happy that you started a blog.

I think my favorite post so far is the one about Dad reassembling your table for photos...

Denise said...

Way to go! I think I'm about to reach my 100th post, that is if I can ever find the time to get back to blogging. . . .