Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Susan's Personal Stash...Now Available!

We had a particularly busy week in the retail store last week. To me, that is both good news and bad news! I don't mind telling you that I often have a problem selling the things that I love, and especially right after I have spent hours re merchandising and designing inspiration vignettes. I realize that the whole name of the game is to sell the merchandise, but I still have issues! Of course, I realize that the profitability of the retail division depends on selling the treasures that I have found. In addition to this, good sales translates into work for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the merchandising and while it is definitely my "night shift" , I enjoy the time I spend alone and the creative outlet along with moments of inspiration are really fulfilling. I often wonder how I ever turned this over to others in past times, as I really love this work.

That being said, at the end of the week, as I looked around the store and saw blank spaces and bare walls everywhere, I had to agree with the grave concerns of my staff members as to the condition of the store on the eve of my leaving town for a beach vacation with my darling family members. As often they do, there was encouragement for me to go right home and scour the garage and basement for inventory that might fill in these blanks. Generally, I roll my eyes and scold them for supposing that I could part with personal "inventory" for the betterment of the store...but, as I looked around, I had to admit that it must might be what was needed.

I began the objective rifling through my storage areas for items that I had purchased for my own use and somehow never found a place for in my own home. And, I ended up with a whole van full of favorite purchases that I reluctantly felt I could donate to the cause. (I might say that Sneelock was extremely pleased with the culling and very ready to load up the van!)

This is my stash unloaded in the back of the stockroom! Needless to say, all were totally surprised when I showed up with the requested goods! I had a pang of regret as we began to open the boxes, some purchased from Black-eyed Susan years ago and in their original boxes. Many of my very favorite floral items, containers, art...yes, indeed, some real second thoughts as Connie began to quickly enter the items into inventory and print the price tags before I could snatch them back !

Many of my long time supporters and fans will remember these cut roses! They even have insect bites out of the petals! Assorted colors and looking like they were just cut, they now are available for your homes. How happy and pleasing the colorful bunches look. My gift to the cause!

Here is a collection of some of my absolute favorite hydrangeas, viburnum, queen anne's lace, berries, and chinese lanterns. I had always meant to make a gorgeous wreath from this prized collection. Now, Joanne will put it together for an inspiring wreath to be sold. Sad for me, lucky for you!

And, there's a lot more to choose from! Favorite containers, art and small accents of all kinds to be had.

I think you'd better come in soon before I decide to take it all back home.


michelle said...

This is too funny! I can just imagine Sneelock's delight at taking some "inventory" BACK to the store.

I still have some of those roses!

linda said...

Those are some of my very favorite roses as well and I totally love that shade of green!

Denise said...

I also have a bouquet of those beautiful--though now a bit dusty in my case--roses. I LOVE the green collection! Oh, to be closer to Yardley, PA.

Jill said...

I have beautiful, red tulips from you that I adore. You definitely have a way with flowers.