Friday, August 7, 2009

Paint Is My Magic Wand!

This was the topic of my in-store event last night. We had standing room only and had a fun crowd!

Paint truly is my magic wand. I have heard my paint selections called "gutsy", however, I prefer to call them "confident". Paint on any surface, and in any form, is the designer's (and hobbyist designer's) least expensive tool. There is hardly a surface that cannot be improved with paint at one time or another!

We have painted walls, (of course), furniture, outdoor garden ornaments, lamps, frames, containers of all manner, drapery hardware, shoes, baskets, candlesticks, chandeliers, even upholstered furniture! We discussed the effects of paint; bold, bright, dark, neutral, trendy, traditional, pastel, metallic---each renders an emotional effect.

There are some projects that are forever in my memory due to this emotional effect. They are favorites that go back, sometimes years. For instance, the first small home we built in Denver, Colorado. The living room walls were bittersweet chocolate (walls and ceiling, or course!) in high gloss!! This was about 35 years ago. I know I'll always remember the first time I tried the soft grey/blue "artemesia" in my current home's loft suite. I was never a "blue girl" until then. I've been a fan of this soft relief of color ever since. I can never forget the high style powder room I designed for Robin Freed. Yam was the color, with graphite accents. And yam is just what it looked like! I would use that again anytime. BMoore Venetian Gold will always be a personal favorite...let's see, I've had an executive office painted in it, two retails store areas, my mudroom, my sister's kitchen and multiple client rooms. It ranks among the absolute favorites! Come in and see for yourself. I couldn't possibly overlook the drama of black---interior doors, of course, french doors anywhere, furniture, kitchen cabinets, certain areas of interior trim, stair balusters and risers, frames, mirrors...ah yes! Black!

Do you have favorites? What are they?

I have to share this comment with you that I received today. It's always rewarding to get positive feedback. Thank you, Joyce!


Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Heather and I had a grand time. My husband and I had "trash picked" a lamp similar to the two you got last weekend. Heather thought it would be great in their dining room if painted robins egg blue. We went flee of foot this am for materials and had a "blast" painting. She will come after work today to view the final product. We think it looks great.

We decided to live dangerously and paint the shade, but chickened out in the end. May try it with an old shade and then move on.

Thanks for making a space for us and hope to see you in the future.


Now, I'll say to Joyce, send us a photo of your finished product! Great comments and it was a pleasure having you and Heather in class.

I'll soon be publishing the fall/holiday event list. Watch for it by email, or call the retail store to have a copy mailed to you. 267-503-0350. We have great fun and exchange lots of experiences. If there are subjects that you would like me to consider for events, I'd love to hear them!

Happy painting. Let me know what fun projects you tackle. And make plans to join us in the future. It's always a great, creative and entertaining evening. Bonus---all store purchases are 20% off these evenings. Come see the magic.


Jill said...

You are definitely a magician when it comes to paint! My little, rental house has all white walls and we hate them! I often wonder what colors you would suggest for us if we ever were able to paint!

It's a little cruel not to have pictures with this post...I'm just saying.

Denise said...

I agree with Jill--what's up with no pictures?!

I love my Venetian Gold kitchen, and have to say that you have never led me astray when it comes to paint color selection. Thanks!

Denise said...

I agree with Jill--what's up with no pictures?!

I love my Venetian Gold kitchen, and have to say that you have never led me astray when it comes to paint color selection. Thanks!

shannon said...

I am a firm believer in painting everything! Brian often teases me that if you stand around long enough in my house, you'll end up with a coat of paint on you...

My favorite color is the pear tint and silver sage per your suggestions (of course!)

michelle said...

Yes! You have never led me astray with paint colors! We love our Venetian Gold boys' bedroom and I never thought I liked blue either until you started painting rooms with those serene pale blues. Now I'm converted! I love my blue bedroom.

I have lots of bold paint memories from my childhood -- the chocolate living room, the red and yellow kitchen, the bright primary nursery, my kelly green room...

Suzanne said...

I can't believe i neglected to post a comment here. It was a great night. I can't wait to paint my ceilings (well, have someone do it for me - ha, ha!) And what a nice letter from Joyce and such inspiration from you to her - and she and heather to us! (is that grammatically correct?) ;)

Susan, would you mind sharing with us again the brand of floral spray paint you used on the lamps and other objects? I know I and some other readers would appreciate it. Thank you!