Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Market, To Market!

4:30am comes pretty early. For a girl with "the primping gene" as my sister, Denise, describes the Petersen girls, it's a given on the morning of New York Market. Every 6 months, this is the story! The retail and/or design staff keeps this schedule anywhere from 3 to 4 days each market.

This market, however, we accomplished our work in a record of one day!! Hooray! One day of the early morning routine makes me a happy girl. Now, what should I do with the next few days??!

So, as usual, here is a small trend report and the best findings of the day. Look for these things to show up in my retail store, Black-eyed Susan.

Fabulously interesting glass cabinet for all fine collectibles; bibliotech style. Perfect for The Hampton's.

Check out this series of pillows! This one is a version of the feed sack pillows I saw in Atlanta, of course I love the manuscript pattern!

This vendor (Check this one out, Marie!) printed vintage images on linen and layered the imaged with worn muslin!! The boxed edge was fashioned from chair webbing. I think this is a great new find, very stylish and very unique. Sophisticated interest. Great images and patterns. He also had some mounted on canvases. During our conversation, we discovered that we both had former connections to Brigham Young University, a real plus. Kindred spirits for sure.I love his style.

Additional pillows with numbers and manuscripts on linen. Down fills. Ahhhh.

I love this arched mirror. A brand new vendor for me, and I love finding new resources! How cool would three of these mirrors be for a headboard??! Sorry, Suzanne, not available till the first of the year.....drat.

These giant letters were part of one of my favorite vendor's booth. David designs a unique booth that looks as if it were transported straight from Paris. Everything there is cool and desirable. So, expect to see these show up!

Same booth. Inspiring!

Last shot of David's offerings. These magnifiers are on stands and are in a variety of heights and sizes. I love these things!

New framed art featuring sepia tones and vintage wildlife. Authentic looking collectibles!

Many of the booth designer/owners use fresh flowers for drama. I try to shoot photos of things that I like. These elephant ears (REAL!) were very cool. These leaves are about 18-20" in diameter! What a statement!

Back shot.

Front shot.

Lastly, this funny cow's head! It was all mosaic glass and presented quite an impact! While finishing my order, I discovered that it was the top selling item in the booth! I made the comment that I could certainly see it as a retail prop, but wondered what kitchen it would find a home in.....then I thought of at least two kitchens that I thought it would work in! Yep, last item on my order!! It's about life size. Forget the silly crown they put on her...yes, to the old frame that is surrounding her. Pretty cute.

Well, these are my picks for the day. They will be showing up in the next few months. Call me for details!

Trips to market are a combination of inspiring, exhausting, exciting, enticing and at times, horrifying sightings! It's all in a day's work. And sometimes, work is play!


Jill said...

4:30am is not my friend! Wow to all of these items, except maybe the framed cow bust. I love the manuscript pillows and the giant letters and numbers especially!

michelle said...

I love the huge numbers! My favorite. And I can't say I'm surprised to see you ordering animal heads...

linda said...

I loved it all and yes it reminded me of our cute finds in Atlanta as well! I must say I like the cow bust but then I liked the pig one and the horse one too!