Monday, February 15, 2010

Sign in, please...

I've been going to the same gastroenterologist for about 18 years. His office has looked the same for 18 years. Bad. Outdated 15 years ago. Or more. After each visit for these many years, we have had the same discussion about the state of his "decor". It's a given, each visit will end with the same critique from me and admission from him as to the badly needed update.

I finally decided to take him to task on this and after my last visit several months ago, put together a proposal for a quick fix, utilizing his existing carpet and chairs...after all, they had come full circle, and I could bring them into the 21st century with the right paint color and accessories. Even still, I was shocked to find him putting his trust in my vision t transform the office into pure spectacular!
Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight those months ago to take my before pictures, so you'll just have to imagine the mauve/seafoam combination that was my challenge to work with. How I wish I had this "before" documentation. Well, you're on your own to visualize the picture.

Step One. Color pallet. The color was really dictated by existing carpet and chairs which the Dr. hoped to salvage. I agreed and came up with two of my favorite colors, SW Halcyon Green and SW Tassel. (Not strangers to my loyal followers!) To my surprise and glee, the Dr.'s partner's wife decided early in the game that the old chairs had to go! I didn't fight it one bit. We selected these dark stained chairs with a rep print (like a man's tie) in rusty gold, accented by a tiny spec of the aqua. Durable, sustainable, cute!

Our great painter/paperhanger, Mike of Perfect Hangups, started right in taking down the hideous and aging wallcovering....drat, no photo! Mike had the "night shift" this time around! Work began at closing on a Friday night and continued through the weekend. Several more nights followed until the work was completed. *Note my signature black doors! The Dr. gave me some resistance on this, but succumbed to the pressure of future "visits" from me with the same repeated critiques.

After Mike finished the painting, Sneelock and I went in to do the final installation. Art, magazine racks, chairs delivered, new blind installed, accessories and several plants later...voila! Finished.

Great view of the two colors and a favorite piece of art. Small corner table and a new lamp grounded the addition of a new plasma TV, a request from the staff. I enjoyed it myself, watching the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sweet.

Closeup of one of my favorite pieces of art---the New York Skyline, which marries the two colors and makes perfect sense. I admit that I hung this piece of art quite a bit higher than I would normally do, all in the name of sensibility...I'm not known for this! All things considered, I knew that it just wouldn't do for patients to bump their heads on the oversized and deep frame.

It's a bit difficult to perceive the ledge above this art. Let me just tell you that prior to this collection of charger, vessels, monstera leaves and large apple scuptures, there were bushes of the worst quality ivy plants held in place with phonebooks! Yes, once again I can't believe that I had no photos of that!!

Closeup of said ledge!

Here is a great shot of the deep window sill that I had painted black, along with the window molding. This favorite woven blind combines rich wood tones and black. Beautiful. Another city scape in the perfect colors and the addition of some wrought iron magazine racks complete the room.

A broader view of the same wall with the addition of two architectural pieces of art, once again echoing the colors of the room and accented in black frames. The vertical lines of the two pieces help balance the room as well.

I love this little touch of whimsy. Two doves perch on a high beam overlooking the new digs

One more overview of a perfect waiting room.

Much to the dismay of Sneelock, I planned to use this antique iron door as a piece of art in the entry vestibule. Through his murmurings, he proceeded to come up with a plan to hang this giant heavy thing...which included propping the door up on multiple layers of 2x4's while he attatched it to the wall. It was way to heavy for me to hold!

Project completed. Door locked for the weekend. I'm just wondering what the conversation will be like next time I go for a colonoscopy...right before going under!


michelle said...

I'm totally cracking up over the mental picture I have of you badgering your doctor about his outdated decor! Hilarious. I can't believe it took him so long to succumb. And I sure do wish you had before pictures...

Jill said...

I'm sure all of his patients and staff will be singing your praises for years to come!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!

linda said...

I love it! It is so fun seeing the things we pick out and the finished product, you did great!

Nishant said...

I sure do wish you had before pictures...
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