Thursday, June 24, 2010

Everything Old is New Again!

There are always trends in interior design. Some come. Some go. Some come back. Some are classic. Some are way out there. Some are stupid. Some are timeless. But sooner or later, interior styles come full circle. What's old is new again.

Retro style is one of those. Modernism has a strong influence in almost all room settings today. Basically, I like it! Of course,you all know how I feel about orange...a totally retro color, back in full swing. 50's and 60's chairs are cool in any book. (Remember the chairs I had reupholstered for the Princeton Designer House this year?!)

Well, tonight, I paid a short visit to my cute friends Wayne and Bonnie. I couldn't help but look around their charming home and this is what I saw!

These vintage retro chairs upholstered in,of course!! Ah, my heart sings.

Okay, so the feet take them a little out of "cool"...but that's nothing my great upholsterer can't take care of. The modern, low profile of these lounge chairs speaks for style, and fairly current I might add!

I queried Bonnie about their age. Promptly, without a moment's delay, she told me she had purchased them in 1966. Brand new when they moved into the house. Orange. Velvet. Couldn't get much better.

And take a look at this lamp in the room! Bonnie just shook her head when I told her how popular this shade was! I rehearsed with her how many times I tell a client to update their rooms by changing up their lamp shades for drum shades. Yep, once again, perfect style! And natural burlap shades-so cool!

As a designer in the trade, it was so fun to see the "real McCoy" so to speak . Bonnie loved my stories of current style and felt amazed to have come full circle.

Look around your mother's or aunt's home. You'll find treasures of your own.

Thanks for sharing a little retro style, Bonnie! I'll take them all.


michelle said...

I can see how it would be harder to appreciate the things that have come full circle if you've had them all along! I want those chairs.

Lee said...

I feel like that all the time. That is why I love antiques.

Jill said...

Wow, it's crazy to think of those chairs being in that room since 1966 (when my mom graduated from high school)! The thought of them surviving the 80s, 90s and first decade of 2000 is just wrong really.