Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little to the left...

We had a great turnout for our "Mantle Magic" event tonight! It was equally magical to have so much room for the crowd that gathered, unlike my small Yardley location. And, to add to my glee, at least half of the attendees were "Yardley-ites"! It was fun to catch up and have the old gang together.

My subject was embraced by all who attended and many came with photos of their problem mantles for discussion and advice.

Your mantle is a place where you can get personal with the collections and things that you love. In all, 7 demonstrations were given, using various styles and themes. Problem mantles, i.e. narrow 4" ones (!) were discussed and I showed at least 4 examples of how to deal with this design dilemma. Lots of comments and even more questions, both general and personal. It was entertaining and conversational, while being educational as well. It was good to see old friends and make new ones.

This demo was presented using favorite items mainly from my home. On the right, framed vintage flash cards leaning and overlapping a vintage mirror. To the left a double framed photo of my oldest grandson, Max. He just turned 15! Overlapping Max, is a snapshot of my oldest daughter, his mother, Michelle. Look, look, oh look! Some of my finest influences in life.

This mantle uses the principals of symmetry. Books are an important element for any mantle design in my eyes. Just gotta have 'em!

Yet another demonstration . I showed 4 good ways to face the challenge of a historic mantle that is less than 4" deep! Ugh. Vintage empty frame...tortoise shells leaning and red coral branch. Of course, the soft taupe-y books, just the right size, with orange accents on the bindings, perfected the story.

Our events are sociable, entertaining and educational. Lots of questions and individual consultations-a successful evening polished off with my home made brownies and cucumber and lemonade cooler.

For a complete list of remaining events through the end of August, call the retail store. Hope to see you at the next one!


Denise said...

Wish I could have been there!

michelle said...

Well, I'm partial to the first one myself! Love the flash cards.

Lee said...

So sorry I missed it. Lee

Jill said...

My mantle looks like a bad "before" demonstration. It is narrow AND slightly slanted (can you believe that?) and the wall behind it is white paneling, I don't think cuteness is possible.

KG said...

That's a very interesting event - but quite genius. Especially the narrow mantle - what do you do with those?

I for one, like clutter free spaces so I would just put a nice mirror and maybe two candle sticks on each side and 2 small and different things in the middle.