Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Two-shoe exchange!

There's not anything more wonderful than a shopping companion who is entertaining, stylish, enduring with stamina, and will change shoes with you when you can't take another step. It's even more amazing that this fun friend can exchange shoes with someone who wears a size 41/2 shoe! That's how things went down around 3:00p.m. after 7 hours of shopping.

The market was busy, which is always a good sign, but this also translates into long lines getting an elevator for the 3 buildings, 20 stories each. A lot of shopping...

That being said, there are equally as many vendors offering "unique", or in other words, hideous options for all manner of storefronts. Thankfully, Black-eyed Susan is not one of them!

At times, it seems that that is all we see for hours on end! Today, the first part of the day was spent resourcing new vendors. Give me your vote on some of the fine options we came across...

I'm always looking for new lamp resources...this one was quite unique. Fully beaded and sequined. Holy moly.

Yet another selection, complete with bleached big-bird costume. This is for real.

Mirrors are another category that we source each market, but really...who buys this?!

You know that I have written about the glamour and allure of glitter many times. I mean, we love glitter as much as the rest of the design world, but this just might be the pink limit (as my darling mother would say)...mountain goats...fully glittered! Oh, my.

Tomorrow, day 3, I promise to try to document some really cute things. In fact, I'm going to resist photographing anything hideous and only go for the fabulous. It's a promise.


emily said...

Ha ha ha. I love that you have to fight the urge to document the horrific. (Isn't that feather lamp also a fire hazard?)

Also, I've been listening to Anne of Green Gables at work and it always makes me think of you.

Happy shopping!

Jill said...

These items make it look like this is a Vegas Hotel expo!

Charlotte said...

Not the glitter mountain goat heads. Oh my.

michelle said...

Oh dee, oh dee!

It's rather unbelievable that you and Linda share the tiniest shoe size ever!

Denise said...

NOT bedazzled mountain goats?! What the?