Saturday, December 17, 2011

On the Road Again!

December 14, 2011. Could there be a worse time of year to be called to a favorite city for a favorite client?!

Jackie and I flew into Charleston to preview the new home of a repeat and darling client and begin the design process. Chaos everywhere. Jo's beautiful Sullivan's Island, SC estate almost empty-the new home on the other side of town filled with boxes in rooms full of furniture without perfect placement! Excuse me, make that no placement!

Many memories of the past three homes filled our hearts as we went back through Princeton, Historic Charleston, Sullivan's Island, and now suburban Charleston. Each home had memories of new and current pallets-each one "the new favorite".

With measuring tape, camera and designer eyes together, we spent Friday and Saturday getting inspired, making notes and taking key information. We began finding new homes for art, tables, mirrors, furniture and accents. We set up a Christmas tree in preparation for the children's return from an out of state visit and felt totally satisfied at the end of a long day.

Now the fun begins as we go back to the drawing board (my design office!) and fill the my 12 foot table with fabrics, paint memos and transposed notes to get down to the real work of design.

Scalamandre or not... this wallpaper has to go! Serious measuring for new window treatments, yet to be designed.

One of many light fixtures to be replaced...

We sent time helping to unpack key boxes that could prove helpful in creating an instant makeover! We covered these books about three years ago to create the perfect accents for the Sullivan's Island beach house cute! I took a few moments to detail bookcases to get us through until the new design can be installed. We reminisced about the former bookcases and the details that were involved.

We lite and set up a fresh cut tree, using a portion of the ornaments that we had designed for the last home-favorite pallet aqua and lime! So fresh that many years ago...still stylish!

I set up this mirror turned into a tray (one of my best attended Holiday classes for the past few years) with Santas and trees topped with fresh fallen snow for the Charleston dining table centerpiece.

I guess you could say we performed a little magic in the last few days. Many boxes unpacked. Furniture in new found homes, repurposed and reinvented. Draperies rehung. Boxes sorted for giving to friends and family. Christmas cheer in place. Plans and visions for the future of a beautiful new suburban home. Out with the old and in with the new, but in the mean time a place to call home.

After a full day, we headed for our hotel.

Armed with notes, photos, new inspiration and the love of Charleston, we will head for home. We are excited to get this project launched. Stay tuned for more details and visions of the new look for Jo's home-#4.

It's a dream job.

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