Wednesday, January 11, 2012

News Flash! Atlanta Market Report January 2012

Alright, I know I've been absent from the blogging world. Let me explain.

A new project in Charleston; mid December crazy busy Black-eyed Susan Christmas season; night after night of the "late shift" merchandising gig; holiday travel to Charlotte, NC; take- down and reorganizing of the entire retail store; haircut, manicure, pedicure; Bucks County Designer House organized and planned...just in time to catch a plane to Charlotte in preparation for the drive to Atlanta for a 7 day marathon buying trip! Altogether, these are the things that have preoccupied my blogging schedule.

I always like to give you an inside vision of what happens here...the good and bad. The daily finds, and a little entertainment to tie it all together!

So, let me start with our color picks for the week's wardrobe. (No prior discussions were held between Linda and I.)

It looks like shades of gray, taupe and black dominate. Two fur vests-yes, Linda brought one, I the other. Two sequin tops, one T shirt, one vest-same color! Animal print boots, skirts and belts. Black boots...some more practical than others. Coordinating jewels for all and companion rolling carts (photo tomorrow).

We put in a good half day after driving through drenching rain all the way-hairdos not worthy of self portraits. Three good orders were placed and some serious scouting for the days to come. I'll remind you that this trip is mainly about Christmas 2012. Yes, you heard correctly. The last ornaments from 2011 just got put away today...2012 is in the works!

Stay tuned. I'll keep you posted.

Sorry for the December no-shows in posting.

January 2012. A new start!

See you in the morning.

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