Monday, January 16, 2012

Atlanta Day Five

Today we completed the Christmas purchasing. Whew!

The good thing about 5 intense days of Christmas scouting and purchasing is that the whole picture is available and you can edit at the end of each day. The bad get really tired of Christmas offerings day after day. There are so many bad things-bad, bad, bad, so bad! It takes a lot of searching and sorting to find the best of the market finds. Five days. Make that five 10 hour days.

Tomorrow, we start fresh with new and fresh things to source! Accessories, art and lamps. New resources, old familiar favorites. Finally off the 5 floors of Christmas vendors. Yes!

In the rush of our work today, I neglected to document boring! Tomorrow I'll do better . For now, we're tallying our orders to see how many wreaths, vintage style houses, tinsel trees, garlands, ornaments, santas, (and so on) we have purchased.

As for now...hopefully, no more visions of sugarplums.

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