Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Atlanta Day 6 ...more santas?!

Just when we thought we had wrapped up Christmas purchases, we made a quick side-trip into a favorite vendor and got caught up in the holiday spirit again! Just look for yourself and you'll see why...I mean how could we leave these glass glitter houses out of the 2012 season?!

This house looks like it could have been transported right out of Bucks County!!

Ignoring the damaged window, look at the gables! Another Bucks County historic look in glass glitter! *sigh*

Cutest ever mercury glass vases with "joy", "wish" , and "celebrate". Lighting prevented a very good camera shot, but how cute will these be with fresh evergreen cuttings?!

Although we swore off buying any Halloween this year, we were sucked in by glass glitter pumpkins. I'm pretty sure Cinderella had a hand in them. Trust me, you're going to love them!

We headed to the High Design temporary exhibits in search of art and accents for the store as well as the Designer House. Here is just a hint of my color pallet this year for the Bucks County Designer House. We will be doing one of the major rooms.

Bold color...oh so Susan!

We spent the remainder of the day sourcing retail inventory, lamps, art and accents. Feet begging to be done for the day, we headed back to our room for room service. Tomorrow is our last day and we head back with a heavier load than we came with...it's that darned cash and carry!

I'll try to report on one more successful day.

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