Friday, January 13, 2012

Atlanta Day Three....Brrrrrrr!

It's rare for Atlanta to take such a turn for cold weather. However, last year we drove into an ice storm in January! Today we really could have used winter coats and gloves...of which we had neither.

Thank heavens our adrenalin served us well on the way to Cash and Carry ( jewelry finds galore). You'll be pleased to know that I'm bringing back loads of new inventory for your selection. We're happy to be back in our room and have the heavy load of today's purchases put away. I can tell you that those steps are a bear with 20 extra pounds of jewelry each!

After battling the crowds and check out lines, we headed back to the Merchandise Mart to resume our Christmas purchasing and designing. Here's just a peek....

Every year there are some common themes throughout the market. We always search for an inspiration that takes us to a less common look, something that requires our own imagination and contribution. This year, one of the most common themes so far seems to be what I will call "novelty"...Oh. Dear.

We found WAY too much of this...

...and not enough of this.

Here is a corner of a beautiful mixed wreath with blue spruce, eucalyptus and silver ornaments. *sigh*

We found this beautiful unexpected color in only a few showrooms...rather Sapphire-ish. Ahhhhh.

As you can see, there is something for everyone at the Market. As the owner and buyer(s) for Black-eyed Susan, we're just thankful that we can be selective and have another day of scouting.

More tomorrow...but right now, we have to make a hard decision on what shoes to wear when we start that search on day 4.

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