Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Style

I like to celebrate Valentines Day with a double batch of my favorite family sugar cookie recipe...enough to give away to friends, family, staff, and retail clients alike. I've never found a recipe I liked as well...until tonight.

My friend, Autumn Prince, brought these beauties to our Church youth group activity.

Pure. Style. Valentine Style.

And, for the record-divine! Our recipes are very similar, although Autumn's remains a trade secret...after all, it is her business! I would say that after careful "test tasting" (well, I had to taste it to check out the competition, weight watchers points or not)... as I was saying, I would say that our recipes are so similar they could be twins. Autumn rolls her quite a bit thicker. And then there's the icing. Oh. My. That icing! Just look at how perfect it is! And look at the pure style of her designs! Sadly, I mashed the cute dots along the bottom of one by hiding it in my coat pocket.

I will tell you, they were perfectly beautiful. Autumn told me she does not use a spatula to spread her icing...it's all done with her professional icing bag and tip. I would love to observe that!

So...I have a new standard to reach for.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I highly recommend her home made,perfectly beautiful, perfectly delicious, designer cookies.


I really mean it!

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