Monday, April 23, 2012

High Point Style Report Day 4

Freezing cold wind hindered our enjoyment of the day today. Ugh. We dashed from building to building and shivered in shuttle lines trying to see all the vendors on our very aggressive list. At 6:30 pm, we headed one last time back to the main building , each one of us in open-toes shoes and murmuring under our breath for the 3 block walk in gale storm winds.

Back in the home of our darling friend, Jan, we are still trying to warm up and prepare for tomorrow's adventure. Each day becomes a bit more intense with the remaining show room list seeming impossible.

Today's design research included upholstered furniture; art; rugs and more of the same. I always try to source new vendors and fresh ideas while at the High Point show, while taking in the latest trends and fresh color directions.

Just take a look at the selection of new fabrics offered by our main furniture line. We scoured the choices to hand carry our favorites back to the design studio.  
We found a great upholstered bed resource that will make retailing so much easier for all!

I loved these square upholstered otto-coffee tables! The color in my photo doesn't so it justice, they were a great bright pear color!

I was on the lookout for the perfect host and hostess chair...voila! (not necessarily that fabric, although it was cool).

Closeup of a new barrel chair in gray and orange graphic print! 

LOVE these very tall wing tufted wing chairs. And, I'm just telling you they are very comfy! Really.

Honestly, this is not a tufted coffin...but the coolest long coffee table/ottoman, I'm using this for the first client who agrees. Any takers?

Wonderful bright orange flat weave rug. Orange!

Vintage reproduction massive bookcase. Marrying this style with a punch of modernism is a great formula. The gray color is an equal partner in the formula!

These square based reclaimed tables with blue stone tops. I want to use these with a pair of extra long sofas.Wish I had the room myself.

Extra large foyer chandelier...on the short list!

At one of our last stops, I found this silver tray, approximately 42-48". I can't wait to get these. I have a great idea for an event class around these.  

 Juliana just finished the punch list for tomorrow...32 and counting. Pray for sun and no wind.

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michelle said...

It's so surprising that the weather there was cold and rainy and here it was record-breaking heat!